Get Creative with our NEW Notebook Builder

See your perfect Notebook come to life with our NEW Notebook builder...

Pellacraft Notebook BuilderOur NEW Notebook Builder is the perfect way to help you visualise and customise your notebook, crafting it into something special.

Our builder will give you the opportunity to see what will work best for your brand, enabling you to choose the materials, colours and finishes in an instant. It’s a great tool to try and test your ideas, and budgets, to see what you can achieve.

Here’s are few hints and tips to building your perfect notebook….

Notebook Builder, Build your own options

  • Choose your notebook

Choose what size you would like, A6 for handy note taking, A5 for to do lists and meetings or A4 for big projects?

There’s a number of materials, textures and colours that you can choose to showcase your brand.

  • Detail your design

Add an edge to your design with detailed stitching, choose a complimentary or contrasting colour to stand out.

  • Choose your preferences

Adding a pen to your notebook can add further value, it suddenly becomes a nice gift set, and once the notebook has been filled with lots of ideas and important notes, the pen will continue to keep your brand on hand, and in the forefront of the recipients’ day to day business.

Don't forget to select your ribbon to compliment your design so far!

Wondering whether to add a ‘Tip In’ or what it is?
Well, it’s what it suggests; you can include hint’s and tips at the start of your notebook, providing a handy page of information page, or you can simply add a message that you want to get across.

You also have the choice of adding in an envelope. This provides handy storage for notes and ideas jotted down on a sticky note, a scrap of inspiration you have discovered or for a business card following a successful meeting; an envelope will help to keep things in one place for when they are needed.

  • Select your style

The type of branding style should be carefully considered, do you want to be big and bold with full colour or embossed for something subtler. Consider what you are looking to use the notebook for; you might want a different approach to promoting your message to sending a gift.

  • It’s a wrap!

Just your finishing touch to add. Boxed, Belly Band or Shrink Wrap to ensure your branded notebook is delivered to the standard you’ve created.

Have fun creating something truly unique! Get creative here

Unsure on your selection? Don't worry, we're still here!
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