Don’t take our word for it.

Unite The Union

On behalf of Unite within my workplace, I have been a customer of Pellacraft for quite a few years now. I've always been blown away by the incredibly fast turnaround time. Correspondence is just as quick and very personable which makes Pellacraft a really comfortable company to do business with. The time in which orders are delivered always exceeds my expectations and on the one occasion where a part of my order was a little wrong, it was corrected without question and with the same speed and professionalism that I see each time. One error in all the time I've been a customer is impressive and I'm pleased it happened. You know how good a company is when you see how they react to a mistake and Pellacraft only climbed higher in my regard at that time – and continue to do so. I'm really happy with the quality of the merchandise and am always confident that I know what I'm getting when I make an order. Many thanks for our recent order. We'll be back soon!

Ashfield Homes Ltd

Thanks again for your efficiency in completing our order. We very much appreciated your communication re estimated delivery dates and it was great to attend our event yesterday with a full complement of promotional materials. I hope to deal with you again soon.


I recommend them wholeheartedly - excellent service, good range and a good ethical business who will make your life easy. It's a no brainer...

British Gas

Received the delivery this morning and indeed very happy with the spec. Its all been taken care of very well by you. Thank you so very much for all your help and service.


In my experience, Pellacraft combines high design and production standards together with excellent customer service at a good price. Thank you and keep it up!

GMB Northern Utilities Branch

Carlsberg don't do Pellacraft Sales Teams.......but if they did????

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

Pellacraft save the day yet again !!!

Unions Together

You have been so much better than anyone else we've used previously. Thanks for everything!

It’s easy for companies to tell you just how good they think they are, offering the best prices and great service and all that kind of stuff. However we’re terribly humble and wouldn’t dream of saying such things and even if we did, why should you take our word for it? Instead here are some kind words from some of our customers who can tell you in their own words exactly what they think of us...