COVID-19 Workforce Recovery Strategy Tools


Assist your COVID-19 workforce recovery strategy with a support package built for human resources.

Right now, you're more than likely managing a crisis response. Your main responsibilities might include essential services, digital communication and health and safety.

The three major phases you will face amid the outbreak is respond, recover and thrive.

As you rethink your employee planning, we want to show you how our promotional solutions for Human Resources can help you achieve your goals.




A couple of months ago, your main priority was to respond and ensure your workforce stayed engaged, productive and resilient.

Health and safety was at the top which is why we developed an "Antibac' Range" with special properties built into its surface. You need to deal with the present situation and manage continuity.

The virus has taught us a command center, with an organised response unit, will help leaders coordinate the next wave.

Personalised branded products, a key solution to a safer working environment, helps stop cross contamination and keeps your teams safe.

Its personal aspect is still relevant now because employees who feel special at times of uncertainty, with added responsibility, feel more connected to the company.



For many, budgets are a major concern therefore we supply a cost effective personalisation service (with a twist) to meet your needs.

Teams who receive thoughtful perks, like our work from home kits, will see spikes in morale because companies who create a healthy workspace, maintain routine, improve social capabilities, encourage well-being and invest in technology will witness a huge impact in their employee's output.

Together, with our highly effective products, you can manage social distancing, keep staff and offices clean and protect employees travelling to and from work.

Those who provide a strong safe guarding barrier,  show the world they're taking it seriously.




According to Deloitte, 38% of workers say lockdown had a negative impact on their wellbeing with fears of illness, job security, finances and loneliness causing high cases of stress.

Nearly two thirds of furloughed workers will return to work by September 2020. Many organisations predict employees will be reluctant and many anticipate a fall in employee engagement.

Your COVID-19 workforce recovery strategy needs to manage every stage of recovery and consider 5 major factors. Each action point below contains resources to help your efforts and escalate your recovery rate.


1. Reflect

Create the time and space to think about what's next, what's worked and what you have learned. This will give you time to reinforce your vision and values and highlight what's needed to make your goals achievable.


2. Recommit

Commitment to well-being and purpose through a focus on physical, physiological and financial concerns is huge.

The scenario will not be typical because of the uncertainty of recovery however your core values can stay consistent.

Whilst you position yourself for new realities, you can deliver health and well-being services and improve your sustainability culture.


3. Re-engage

Part of your COVID-19 workforce recovery strategy should maximise workforce potential. Begin to prepare them with skills and capabilities for their return.

Build a culture of inclusiveness and provide personalised products and strengthen your relationship.

Our Hygiene, Commuter and Hospitality packs will compliment your new starters or back to work support guides.


4. Rethink

Utilise new business priorities and rethink your current work, workforce and  workplace balance.

How will your business needs evolve and do you have the resources to make it happen?

We have a range of relaxation and personal care products, mental health kits and branded face masks to help you prepare for a new normal.


5. Reboot

Realign HR and people operations with your most pressing business and workforce tasks.

Ensure your employees have all the office & stationery, writing tools, gadgets & accessories and work-wear to get the job done!




In order to thrive, prepare and shape your "new normal" and make sure your emergency response protocols records data, handles technology and predicts potential danger.

One of the biggest challenges you face, preparing your COVID-19 workforce recovery strategy, is managing productivity. The biggest worry employees face is automation, digitization and redundancy.

Analyse previous months and apply new lessons going forward. Future projections be easier once you know what impacts changed working habits, collaboration and morale.

Think of ways to build loyalty and reassure the staff you keep on. Maybe a brand new employee incentive scheme will improve engagement levels or a loyalty reward program will add value to workers struggling with motivation or worrying about their future.

Investing into remote working tools including subsidies (e.g, laptops) can be a daunting proposition for SME's with limited funds.

Can you apply other branded products, such as power-banks or computer accessories and offer a support package for employee's current equipment.




Need to cut overheads? We specialize in web-shop development and provide a hassle-free, streamline solution to grow your sales revenue.

Unlike marketing agencies, we won't up-sell marketing services you don't need. We simply build, maintain and offer brand consistency across the business.

We also provide a warehouse and fulfillment service, store goods and manage client delivery.



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