Why Recycled Promotional Products are good for your business...

Did you know?

Promotional products are one of the most popular forms of advertising available. They are second only to TV advertising for getting the recipients to remember your brand or service and most are kept and used regularly for over six months.

Now, team the above findings with eco-friendly products and it delivers a highly effective form of advertising for your brand; showing your customers and potential clients that you are taking steps to not only reduce your carbon footprint but that you are eco-conscious.

People are more and more aware that how we live can have an impact on the environment as a whole. Resources are limited, so showing that your company is aware of this and are taking steps to reduce the impact is a very attractive concept to your audience.

There are a huge number of recycled promotional products available, from pencils made of money or denim, to coasters made from recycled tyres and everything in-between.

Once you have carefully chosen your products and distributed them, you can then sit back knowing that those eco-friendly promotional items will be working hard for you, and not just in the short-term!

Branded Recycled and Eco-Friendly Products