Post COVID-19 Marketing Ideas


A variety of thoughtful post COVID-19 marketing ideas to help you prepare for the future.

It comes as no surprise that 69% of brands expect to decrease their Ad spend in 2020 but there is a glimmer of hope.

According to the same report, one company out of four will increase their marketing activities.

If you build your momentum now and maintain your presence, it will be easier to quickly expand your share of voice (SOV) because less competition is at play.



Don't focus on short-term changes when you measure ROI because brand-building requires long-term investment.

Instead, build stronger foundations around your current relationships and become a talking point in a time of uncertainty.

Our post COVID-19 marketing ideas below will improve your excess share of voice (ESOV) and customer growth, without blowing your budget.


It's time to...


Kantar surveyed 35,000 consumers globally and 78% think brands should help them in their daily lives.

Offer your customers security and send branded antibacterial products with special properties built into its surface.

They are an important addition to our Stay-Safe product range and an efficient way to keep people alive and well.

Reinforce your brand and boost morale with personal protection. We highly recommend face coverings because they're useful, necessary and likely to stay for the foreseeable future.



Searches for personalised branded products in the U.K increased by 188% during lockdown.

Companies who identify and connect with people on an emotive level found their campaigns performed twice as well.

We have an extremely cost-effective way to send personalised branded products to hundreds of members without printing a single name.



The government's social distancing measures, sporadic rule changes and guidelines has caused a lot of confusion.

Anxiety has skyrocketed so reassure your customers with social distancing tools and reinforce your commitment to public safety.


Make life easy...



At the start of lockdown, executives were surprised by the positive productivity of homeworkers however the honeymoon period ended shortly.

According to Deloitte, 38% of workers say lockdown had a negative impact on their wellbeing with fears of illness, job security, finances and loneliness causing high cases of stress.

Social interaction, collaboration and networking has taken a hit and we need a balance.

If we give people more choice in how they want to work, where and when it'll improve their standards of living.

Reduce the stigma around micromanagement and improve communication around hope to build trust.

Send them a work from home package because it's good to...


Show them you care because...



This small leap is the fundamental basis to neuromarketing. Marketing teams who tune into this psychologically and send resources to help homeworkers hit their objectives, will see huge rewards in long-term relationship building.

Safe-guard the mental health of our country's workforce and alleviate stress during the process.

Other benefits of neuromarketing is its ability to boost focus, recharge and promote health.

A caring message will release a hormone called oxytocin, a chemical that promotes feelings of love, social bonding and well-being.

If you guarantee your promotional marketing connects on an emotional level, it will make your audience feel extra special.


Always remember...



An important part of your post COVID-19 marketing ideas strategy is content!

Make sure you resonate with your customer's feelings and provide the answers to their current problems.

A great way to back up your digital content is to reach out with a physical message.

Get your customers in the mood with a collection they can't take their hands off.

Help people get back into nature! We all need to step away from the office, even if we're working from home.

Treat your most profitable connections with branded power banks, an ideal solution for people who like to work in the garden, at the park or on the move.


Try and...



Research by Professor Richard Harris from the Durham University Business School suggests the U.K will follow the same pattern as post-2007 but with deeper ‘cuts’ in productivity and a longer recovery time to follow.

Promotional pens & pencils are a popular means of advertising. An optimal tool can plan clear motivational goals that are aligned, agile and inspirational.

Help your members move away from the computer and use more traditional methods to install flare and creativity.

Your post covid-19 marketing ideas can include a whole range of useful promotional marketing.

Desk accessories can help manage their work space, folders and wallets will keep them organised and stationary that's practical will boost their productivity during busy periods of their day.


And keep it green...



Products that are environmentally friendly and highly sustainable will earn the respect of a younger generation.

Single use plastic has spiked for obvious reasons, mainly due to public safety however we must keep our eyes on a greener mission.

According to a KPMG report, 50% of the global workforce will soon be millennials. They already compromise 35% of the UK market and is growling rapidly.

Their wants and needs differ greatly to previous generations therefore hold more bargaining power. They are key influencers in the social market and desire recycled branded merchandise.

Many young workers are attracted to purpose. Unfortunately, only a minority of millennials believe businesses behave ethically.

Take a position on social and environmental issues and become a local hero.

You can supply merchandise made from recycled pre-consumer cotton and plastic bottles or only use environmentally friendly promo in your next marketing campaign.


Get excited, we have...



We understand the importance of brand integrity therefore a customised service that delivers should only ever be, a piece of cake. Our highly reliable fulfilment service lets you order, store and send promotional products without lifting a finger.


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