Sell to homeworkers effectively!

The number of people working from home is rising so how should we sell to homeworkers?

In 2019, the Office for National Statistics reported 1.7 million (5%) people worked from home. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, it is predicted by the end of 2020, nearly 30% of all working adults (10 Million) will hope to work from home, once social distancing measures are lifted.

According to Forbes, executives were surprised that homeworking was more productive than anticipated. Companies may consider a new model with a built-in strategy and disciplined approach to help give more flexibility. Employers could benefit from reevaluating large overhead costs by eliminating or reducing office space and save on daily running costs, from housing less people.

statistics to help you sell to homeowners

Delivering the right resource will help you sell to homeworkers

The most important challenges companies face right now is sustaining and managing the new model. There are lots of multiple components to consider, especially at team level, with communication being the key to success. Sell to homeworkers more effectively by knowing what they need. Having the right resources helps workers hit objectives and aligns everyone with the overall company mission. It is important to remember that this is a journey and companies who combine insights and data with customised metrics, can make incredible achievement.

branded office resources help sell to homeworkers

The working from home boom will eventually recede and many hope flexible operations can stay. Large changes to our working nature are difficult to pull off, with high levels of trust needed in and outside of the organisation. Cloud based services with remote features, first seen as a thrifty gimmick, might become the foundation for successful operation. Tactile marketing products will play a huge part in selling these services with samples readily available for decision makers.

Promotional products are the perfect sales tool

Brand perception needs to resonate trust and fill customers with positive hope, as it enters the hearts of people's homes. Promotional products are the perfect sales tool for new communication services because large software businesses such as Zoom, Microsoft and Slack dominate the market. Sell to homeworkers with better marketing exposure. An individual flair will give you an edge and help you compete in a saturated digital market. Branded home kits and safety resources will promote your brand, support your customers and leave you in the minds of people who matter most. Your brand will no longer be passed around in a large office but instead land on someone's dining room table.

branded products help sell to homeworkers

Consider the mental health impact

Mental health plays an important part and is an extremely important factor to consider when preparing for human wellbeing. Many workers require positive reinforcement from body language or a “feel good” environment from the hustle and bustle of a busy office. With limited interaction and low levels of simulation, homeworkers must work harder to feel connected.

mental health kits help sell to homeworkers

The lines between work and home can also become blurred, with an overwhelming feeling of being alone. There is nobody there to help you regain perspective when things go wrong, and many find it hard to switch off. Mental Health kits, sweet treats and thoughtful gifts can help boost morale. It is a time to look out for each other and find ways of connecting once again in an ever changing, digital world.