Take Advantage of the Selfie Generation


How Your Business Can Benefit From the Selfie Generation

We live in a past paced world. Information is constantly being fed to us from seemingly endless sources and we are digesting more and more of it.

With the ever increasing broadband speeds it has become easier than ever for people to share every aspect of their lives (if they’re so inclined) via social media. The most important factor in this dramatic increase in social sharing is obviously the phenomenal popularity in smart phones. Android and iPhones are now an absolute necessity for many both young and old. From keeping in touch with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook and the huge amount of other social sites, to even making the odd call.

So what can business do to take advantage of this explosion of social sharing?

Well as the title of this page suggests, one of the most popular activities for a lot of people is to take selfies. Selfies with friends, selfies at parties, selfies at famous landmarks, heck even celebrities love them.

Looking back at yourself from arms length is so yesterday!

Dramatic shots can now easily be achieved no matter where you are. As the sticks are retractable they are ideal to carry around, then when you want to take a picture simply attach your iPhone or Android phone, extend it to the length you want and take the ultimate selfie!This trend has now gone a step further. People can now wave goodbye to taking selfies with their friends and having to squash together in order to get into frame. The fact that you can only get so much in shot because you don’t have arms like Mr Tickle has now been removed with the creation of the selfie stick.

So how does this help your business?

Our selfie sticks can be branded with your logo. Adding your company logo to a selfie stick will ensure that not only will your business be associated with virtually every fantastic photo your recipient takes, but you will also be associated with some of the best memories, fun times and most talked about moments in that person’s life.

Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that!?

The selfie generation shows no sign of slowing down. The number of photos being shared is increasing daily with 1.8 Billion being uploaded and shared each day. It’s safe to say that this is not a flash in the pan trend, people have always taken pictures of themselves; it’s just that now technology has caught up and made it easier for us to not only take fantastic photos but also made it easier than ever to share them with others.

The selfie generation is one of the most active areas you can promote your business in and the selfie stick is one of the best tools to do it with.