Promotional Merchandise for your Re-branding Initiatives

Pellacraft Re-brand Initiatives - Americano CortadoPromotional merchandise for your re-branding initiatives...

Far from getting excited about the Christmas holidays, for the busy marketing manager, this time of year often heralds the period during which marketing plans and budgets are being prepared for the new financial year.

It's often the time when major overhauls are planned, such as the decision to update the company brand identity or website. A lot of effort will go into developing the new brand identity and it is part of the marketing manager’s role to ensure the new vision, mission and values that were the driving force behind the reason for the re-brand or new website are clearly communicated and understood.

Promotional merchandise is a great way to provide staff and customers with an eye catching and memorable way to ensure the explanation for the re-brand or website is received positively.

A re-brand initiative can also be an opportunity to alter perceptions, drive a change in the behaviour of your staff and an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and drive forward a new era in your business. Providing a relevant promotional gift carrying key messages about your vision and values can smooth through the process of embedding any cultural or attitudinal changes that you want to develop.

Aside from these benefits, using promotional merchandise is also an excellent way to reveal the new brand identity and ensure it gains recognition quickly. If this is the case, it may simply be a case of updating your existing range of promotional merchandise to the new brand identity.

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