NEW £1, 12 sided, trolley coin available!

The new £1, 12 sided trolley coin, is now available from Pellacraft! 

The new £1 coin entered circulation on 28th March 2017 and at Pellacraft,
we’re already prepared. The current pound coin will stop being legal tender from 16th October, so make sure you’re ready in time.

Use Change To Your Advantage

Trolley coins are a cost-effective way of promoting your business or organisation.
Proving to be s useful item; your brand will be carried wherever the recipient goes! Everyday activities like trip to the shop or gym, will a ensure your brand is seen on a regular basis. 

Because of how often they’re used, maximising brand exposure, Trolley Coins are popular giveaways. It makes them ideal for conferences, events and exhibitions and they’re small enough to use as mailout items.

Why A New Coin Though?

The Royal Mint reported in 2015 1 in 40 pound coins were actually fake. The new 12 sided coin will be the hardest to counterfeit yet in response to this.

So What Does This Mean For The Current Trolley Coins?

Many businesses have reported they’re already preparing for the changes; many are adapting to be able to accept both the new and old coins, which will include trolley coins for both shapes. This is to make the 6 month interim period easier until the current pound is no longer legal tender.

This gives you a great chance to upgrade your current trolley token and show your audiences you’re ready to deal with change, whatever shape it comes in.

For more inNew £1 coin (obverse side)formation on the new pound coin, visit the official Royal Mint website: