A History Of Pella Penguin On World Penguin Day 2018

Meet Pella Penguin Our Official Office Mascot

Pella Penguin arrived at Pellacraft back in 2014 from the Falkland Islands. He was originally a gift from a valued customer, as a thank you present to staff for their hard work. One day we took the decision to design a mascot to tie in with our brand and as if by magic, Pella was there waiting as the best possible candidate, and we've taken him under our wing ever since!

Now living in the Marketing Department, Pella takes his guard on the office desk and ensures that we all get on quickly with our work. In fact, he is watching me now as I type!

pella penguin in the officeWhat Does Pella Represent?

As a mascot, Pella stands for many things. One of our core values is to show empathy to our customers, identifying their needs and helping to provide a solution. Penguins are known for their empathic nature; finding food for each other, walking with each other in large flocks and generally being very selfless to one another. In this respect alone, this makes Pella the ideal mascot for Pellacraft.

Penguins as a species are very much fun-loving creatures. They are playful characters, who are friendly in nature, but do knuckle down to the task when they need to, helping one another to overcome obstacles that they simply wouldn’t be able to alone.

In many ways, a penguin’s attitude is very applicable to life here at Pellacraft. A big part of working life here is to enjoy what we do and to share our journey together. We carry out work effectively and with a great sense of purpose, whilst taking pride in all that we achieve. Like penguins, we love to share each other’s successes and that of our customers.


What Is World Penguin Day?

April 25th is the date on which World Penguin Day is celebrated each year. It is an annual awareness event timed to tie in with the Antarctic penguin’s annual migration towards the sea, as winter draws near in the region.


Why Do We Mark World Penguin Day?

According to recent data, there are around 12 million penguins located in Antarctica, although this is a speculative figure, as it would be an impossible task to count them all!

Population estimates of penguins in the wild have been on a decline for many years, and so World Penguin Day was created to remind us of this fact, and to encourage us to change our ways.

Like Pellacraft, World Penguin Day has a defined purpose, which is to remind us about penguins and there struggle to survive, as the effects of supposed climate change and global warming seem to be having big effects on their habitat. As we are based hundreds of miles away from Antarctica, sometimes it is easy to forget about penguins and the struggle they face.


How Can You Help On WPD 2018?

Sponsoring A Penguin

There are many ways that you can get involved on World Penguin Day. Sponsoring a penguin is a good way of helping conservationists work towards a brighter future for these beloved wild animals. Like Pella often does in the office, many of the penguins you sponsor will send you messages, gifts and much more.

Visit A Local Sealife Sanctuary

Often when you visit a local sanctuary, such as a sea life centre, a huge percentage of your entry fee will feed directly into helping the animals that are there. Whatever the contribution, donating to a penguin related charity through visiting, or by other means, is a great way to help make a difference.


How Are We Helping To Work Towards A Brighter Future For Penguins & The Planet?

As a business, Pellacraft is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. We regularly review ways in which we can cut our carbon footprint, whether this is something as simple as recycling our lunch in the office, or going the extra mile to supply more eco-friendly products on our website.

With this goal in mind, we have recently added a collection of environmentally friendly shopping bags, stationery, pens and other promotional merchandise to our website. Although we don’t plan to stop there, we are committed into adding plenty more extra planet friendly products in the future.


Interested In Going Green? Let Pellacraft Help You!

If you own a business or charity and you are interested in switching to eco-friendlier promotional products, then we are here to help. Contact us today and let’s work together towards a brighter, greener future for penguins and our planet.