How Golf Tees Can Help Your Company

Promotional Golf TeesBuying golf tees for your clients is pretty straight forward, right? Well yes it is, but if you really want to go that extra mile and really impress them, you can give them your branded golf tees that are more suited to how they play.

A little detail...

Now most golfers will be happy with the longer 70mm golf tees as many golfers play with the modern drivers that are made with larger heads which are easier to use and so enabling the golfer to play better and therefore enjoy the game more.

However some golfers still play with drivers that have smaller heads, this means that the longer tees won’t particularly suit them and they may find it harder to get the best contact with the ball. That is where the 54mm golf tee comes in. Though it is less popular these days, there are still many golfers that prefer these tees as they are used to them and they suit they driver and golf style.

There is not much point giving someone tees they are just not going to use as they aren’t suitable for their style of play.

Why is this important?

It depends on whether you want to make the best impression on the recipient of your gift. Going that extra mile and finding out what size of tees they prefer will make all the difference and you will have made a permanent positive impression. The return on investment will surely be worth it.

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