Monza-Touch Stylus Carbon Fibre Ballpen

Monza-Touch Stylus Carbon Fibre BallpenIf you are looking for a premium corporate gift for your valued customers or maybe to give as a long service gift, one of our favourites is the Monza-Touch Stylus Ballpen.

This ballpen is ideal for any company or person involved in the state of the art or any high tech industry.


  • Multi function twist action stylus ballpen
  • Made from genuine bonded carbon fibre with gun metal styling
  • Soft rubber touch stylus on tip
  • Includes high quality German made Super Smooth black in refill

This high tech pen is made to last, in combination with the carbon fibre casing it has a write out length of 7,000 metres. This means that it will still be happily writing when most other pens have run out and given up. The soft rubber stylus makes it perfect for touch screen devices such as smart phones and tablets.

The pen comes in a T1 triangular presentation box which emphasises the products perceived value and modern, high tech appearance.

Brand this ballpen with your logo or corporate message and be always be associated with high quality products.