Get Your Brand Glowing With The Glow Jogger Sports Bottle

The Glow Jogger Sports Bottle isn’t your average sports bottle. UK manufactured, it has a handle grip and is specially designed to glow in the dark. This isn’t just a cool feature to have, it can also act as a safety feature for any joggers out and about, where the mornings and evenings are darker, and the days shorter.

glow jogger

The Glow Jogger Sports Bottle isn’t just for your recipient when they are doing sports either; this bottle can be used on a daily basis when on the go, on the go, or to and from the office. The bottle (and your brand) can be on hand to be with them wherever their day may take them!

Not a Jogger?

In the run up to Christmas, people are starting to think about their new year resolutions.  This product is the perfect item to motivate others (and yourself!) to get moving in 2018.

The bottle offers a large print area on the front, so your brand can be promoted with ease.  Available in neon Lumo Green, Pink and Clear, even when the glow jogger bottle isn’t being used in the dark, your branded message will be bold and strong. You can view and purchase the product here.

glow jogger