C-Secure RFID Card holders designed for your protection!

Here’s why we’re pleased to have the C-Secure RFID Card holders in our collection…

There has been a huge shift in how we shop and how we pay for various things throughout the day. Carrying cash is becoming less of a habit, as we rely more and more on ‘paying by card.’ While we often see carrying cards rather than cash as a ‘safer’ option, it’s becoming apparent that this isn’t always the case!

Now, it isn’t about sending you into a panic, it’s more about making you aware. As card technology now leans towards the contactless payment, designed for convenience - it does present a new set of challenges in preventing the modern-day pick-pocketer! Whether it be of monetary value or information.

If RFID cards, such as credit, ID or store cards are not protected then they can be identified and copied/swiped. Anyone with the wireless card reader can carry this out, often going unnoticed.

The C-Secure RFID card holder can protect cards by blocking the radio waves used in RFID technology, helping to keep monies and details, safe and secure.

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Pellacraft C-Secure Card Holder C-Secure Card Holder

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C-Secure Card Holder and Wallet

Looking for inspiration?
Here’s for the who and the what for…

Who for?
Well, they are suitable for anyone and everyone, customers or employees – who doesn’t want to protect themselves?!

What for?
The slim design makes them ideal for events and exhibitions or can be used in a direct mail campaign. As well as securing details, they will secure regular and repeated attention to your brand!