Branded Summer must-haves

Get your brand seen with these branded summer must-haves!

As we advance into the warmest season of the year, we find ourselves digging out the summer wardrobe, enjoying a BBQ or two and counting down the days until our holidays - and hope that the heatwaves continues! The summer presents many opportunities to get your brand talked about and into the great outdoors - check out these five branded summer must-haves that will get your brand seen...

Give lunch a shake up!

Salad Shaker - Plastic salad shaker, 3 pieces with a fork and dressing container.

Lunch at work always provides a topic to talk about; from who’s got what in the fridge to the general feeling of food envy when something other than a sandwich appears! So, why not offer a shake up?

The salad shaker not only gives the recipient the chance to mix up their lunch, it gets them engaging with your brand too! The shaker will encourage the recipient to look up the latest summer salad trends, while swapping edible ideas with colleagues. Ensure your branded product becomes the lunchtime talk!

However, let’s not forget the weekend! Ideal for picnics in the park with friends or a trip out on the train; the salad shaker can be taken anywhere, providing maximum exposure for your brand.

Refresh your marketing... Water Bottle with Infuser

Water Bottle with Infuser, 500ml Tritan bottle with fruit infuser compartment.

We all know we should drink more water and reduce our caffeine intake, but the thought of water without some sort of flavour isn’t always appealing! Throughout the summer months it’s more important than ever to drink more (water!) and stay hydrated.

Water bottles with infusers will give the recipient the opportunity to revitalise their daily drinking habits; with hundreds of fruit combinations to try, the water bottles will be regularly thought of, and used. Secure regular and repeated attention to your brand.

Take advantage of the sun! Solar Power bank

PB-4000 Bask solar powerbank.

As the sunshine invites us to be outside, we find ourselves further away from those electrical points! The Solar Power bank will be a welcomed gift for any recipient and will become an essential part of the ‘get-away’ camping or festival tool kit...and while we recommend you don’t sit in the sun all day, these devices will take advantage of the solar rays and help to keep your gadgets charged. (All you need to worry about is getting a signal!)

Associate your brand with the good times > Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Branded Bluetooth Mini Speaker

There’s no doubt the summer provides the feel-good factor. The sunshine offers many opportunities to venture into the great outdoors, whether that’s a trip to the beach, a campsite in the middle of nowhere, or simply stepping into the garden for some R&R, we all have a summer soundtrack that you associate with each year as they pass. The mini speakers are fun devices that can be taken wherever the recipient chooses to go, making them a great summer companion!

...And while we get to enjoy the sunny great outdoors, we know the British weather sometimes has other ideas! Will your brand save the day and stand out from the crowd, with a Disposable Rain Poncho

Rain poncho.

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