Public Sector

During our 35 years as a company we have helped get important messages out to the public like healthy eating and fire prevention. Councils, fire service, police, NHS you name it we provide promotional products for each part of the public sector. We know that using promotional items can often be the best option for the public sector to interact with the public, which is why we strive to make our products exactly to the requirements we are given in order to help do this. Information packs are just one of the great ways to interact with the public; they can be filled with our promotional items as well as literature written by you on fire safety for example. With recent cuts to this sector recruiting new staff while showing appreciation for existing staff is a must. Giving members of staff a promotional product, such as a Christmas tree growing kit which is fun and enjoyable, helps to create a sense of workplace pride and helps with employee retention.

No matter what part of the public sector you work in promotional items are guaranteed to help your message reach a bigger audience. This has been proven with research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association who discovered that promotional gifts top other advertising mediums in the ability to make a person feel appreciated and therefore more inclined to understand your message.

“Promotional items are guaranteed to help your message reach a bigger audience.”