Power Vault RCS Rplastic 21000 mAh Portable Power Station

Minimum Order Quantity: 25

Product Description


Elevate your brand with the ultimate eco-friendly power solution - the 21,000 mAh power station crafted from RCS-certified recycled ABS. With a commendable 25% recycled content, this power vault is not only a powerhouse but also a sustainability champion. Ideal for outdoor adventures, travel escapades, or as a reliable emergency backup at home, this versatile device ensures you stay powered up wherever you go.

Equipped with 3 output ports (2x USB-A, 1x Type-C), the 21,000 mAh battery can charge multiple devices simultaneously. What sets this power station apart is its integrated 120 lumen LED light, capable of shining bright for up to 40 hours during emergencies, with an added SOS mode for extra security. Moreover, a built-in emergency crank guarantees power availability even when the battery is depleted.

The Type-C input and output specifications provide efficient charging capabilities, while the USB-A outputs ensure compatibility with various devices. Designed with an IPX5 waterproof rating, this power station is ready for any weather conditions. For added convenience, it is compatible with mobile solar panels for eco-friendly charging options.

Make a lasting impression by customizing this power station with your unique design or logo. Stand out from the crowd while promoting sustainability and preparedness with this innovative and reliable power solution.
Total CO2 (Kg): 8,29

Product Information

Additional Information

Dimensions 181 x 56 x 125mm
Lead Time 10-15 Working days
Branding Area 80 x 40mm
Print Position 1 Side
Primary Colour Black
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