Looking to reward your team with the perfect award

Why you should be rewarding employees for their hard work

We live in strange times at the moment. People around the world are losing their jobs or have been furloughed for some time. Whilst others have has to adapt to “working from home” approach, taking them away from their colleagues and their usual working environment. Whilst some are turning up to their normal work places each day, pulling in shifts to keep our country turning!

This has meant that in some cases, there has not only been a dip in productivity, but also a real sense of low morale.  So, what can employers do to help this? Especially for those staff members who have done whatever they can to ensure that their standards are still maintained and carry on doing a cracking job for you.

The simplest thing that you can do is to recognise your teams efforts.  They could be nominated by other employees that they work with; or they could simply be recognised by you the business owner instead.

Why are rewards so important?

One of the worst things for employees to think is that they are not appreciated and that they are ignored in the workplace; despite the hard work that they put in.   Yes we know they get paid for doing a great job, but have some really gone over and above to make your company tick over as normal during this pandemic?

You can show them that you not only recognise the hard work that they have been putting in, but also reward them for it too. This shows them that you are a company who values its staff and understands how important that they are to you and to your future.

When a team member is rewarded, then chances are that they are going to want to do whatever they can to improve how they work and their output. They know that the effort that they put in is seen and then, they will want to continue at this level for the future. Good news for your business.

Looking for the perfect award?

It may be an easy decision to make to reward an employee for all the hard work and effort that they have put in for your business. But what can you award them with?

We love the idea of being able to present them with something that is quality, that they can treasure for some time to come, rather than something that feels cheap, quickly made and incredibly mass produced.


We have our hand-finished, British-Made award. Beautifully designed and made to the highest standard our awards are made with sustainable materials. Real wood and bamboo are from recognised sources; limiting the impact that they have on the environment. The award can also be sent out to individual addresses as required (incredibly useful given the current global pandemic) and will be shipped in plastic free packaging too.

There really has never been a better time to make sure that you are recognising and rewarding hard work within your business. So, check out our awards, or think of your own way to say thanks and show your employees that you really value them and their time.  Something so simple has a massive impact on their work life.


Our bespoke wooden awards can be found here

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