Living Wage Week

Being a Real Living Wage Employer

Pellacraft has proudly been a Living Wage Employer since July 2017, firm in the belief that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay, regardless of whether they are direct employees or third-party contracted staff. – It’s simply the right thing to do!

The Real Living Wage is a voluntary hourly wage paid by employers that is based on actual cost of living calculations which is higher than the government’s own National Living Wage, and does not discriminate against age.

Of the 3,500 UK businesses who pay the Real Living Wage, they have reported the following benefits. *1

Employees of Real Living Wage Employers

There are significant savings to be made by paying employees a higher, fairer wage.

  • An improvement in quality of life outside work which could include having more time to spend with children or having more spare cash to pay for odd treats.  This would likely result in employees wanting to stay with a Real Living Wage employer, thus saving significant recruitment costs associated with high staff turnaround.
  • Employees can feel increased motivation and loyalty when they feel fairly treated.
  • Less stress can mean less paid sick leave.
  • Amassing long serving, experienced staff are valuable assets for effective business.

Looking to the future

Moving forward and appealing to young talent to grow our business, we want to 'Stand Out from the Crowd'.  The following research concludes that being a voluntary Real Wage Employer not only shows that your business holds ethical values, but that you could score the best of educational leavers to your employ if you are in direct competition with another employer who isn’t.

When interviewed, 1378 university students gave the following feedback:*2

  • 93% of University students would choose to work for a living wage employer
  • 87% think companies should voluntarily pay real living wage anyway
  • 64% look for ethical practices when researching potential employers
  • 67% would opt for a real living wage employer over one that wasn’t based on the same job/sector

*1 Images courtesy of Living Wage Foundation

*2 NUS Student Opinion Survey: June 2017 Fenella Bramwell: Insight Coordinator