USB Flash Drives

Sparkle USB stickUSB drives, USB memory drives, flash drives, memory sticks, and pen drives. We have many different names for them but they allow you to transport important files around while you’re out the office.

Promotional memory sticks have major benefits if they are given out at tradeshows or as promotional giveaways. Firstly they can be printed with your company logo or design, this will make them highly visible advertisings solutions. Secondly the flash drive could be loaded with files detailing information about your company and what you can offer the user if they become a new client.

There are a vast range of sizes of memory sticks so they will be a suitable size and price to meet your advertising needs. On an average 1GB flash drive you could store about 486 photos and 243 mp3 files. We offer a wide range of sizes 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. We can also offer a range of packaging options to make them more unique to that your competitors. How its made

We have small flash drives so they can attach neatly to a set of keys so your company logo will always be carried around by that new client.

We also  stock a range of Promotional 3D USB drives, these can be shaped to match a company logo or design. These will surely make you stand out when they are given out.
Bamboo USB stick

More and more people are looking towards eco-friendly USB sticks and with a wide array of environmentally friendly USB drives made from recycled plastics or even wood (from a renewable source). Many USB drives have a large print area available making them an ideal promotional gift that also helps the environment.

The Pellacraft Team.