Top 10 Branded Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for your seasonal campaign...

It’s nearly that time of year again, and to help you prepare for those all-important festive marketing campaigns we thought we would put together our top picks for some of the best Christmas Promotional Products for you to include in your giveaways this year.

Many traditional favourites have made our list, as well as some new innovative products that have really come on trend in time for the run up to Christmas.

10. Baubles

Custom branded Christmas Tree Baubles are the ideal promotional gift to get your branding in front of your clients during the festive season. A practical decoration with a design of your choice is a small, affordable gift that customers are very likely to use on their tree, delivering plenty of impressions for your brand.

9. Blankets

When winter is in full flow, blankets make a great gift. They show your customers that you care about them, and the cosy winter blanket will keep them nice and warm. Your clients will use this gift throughout the colder seasons. Branded with your company logo the blanket will provide reinforcement for your brand.

8. Travel Mugs

Your customers will enjoy the convenience that a branded travel mug offers them, as they can take a hot drink with them and stay warm on the go. The reusable nature of these products allows them to be used time and time again for repeat branding.

7. Scarf & Glove Sets

Keeping warm outdoors can be especially tricky when the cold weather sets in, and clients will love the snug and warm fit of a branded scarf and pair of gloves.

6. Hangover Set

If your clients have found that they’ve had one too many sherries over the Christmas season, then a Hangover Set works as a functional festive gift. Containing items like eye shades, ear plugs, coffee sachets, tablets and tissues this pack might not be the miracle cure, but it certainly comes close.

5. Hampers

We have several festive hampers, packed with goodies such as wine bottles, sweets, chocolates and much more. The ideal corporate gift for those very important clients or for sharing between an entire office.

4. Santa Hat

You can get the seasonal joy really flowing with branded Santa Hats, send them to your clients in time for Christmas and they will enjoy wearing them in and around the office, spreading Christmas cheer as well as your marketing message.

3. Sprout Chocolates

Chocolates are a festive giveaway favourite, but what makes these Sprout Chocolates so unique is that they are all individually wrapped to look like real sprouts and presented inside a clear plastic flow or organza bag.

2. Wine Accessory Set

Wine accessory sets make a great Christmas gift. They include all the items you need to be able to sit down and enjoy that much deserved bottle of bubbly, including corkscrews, bottle stoppers, and wine collars.

1. Advent Calendars

One of the best ways to promote your brand is with a custom designed advent calendar. Counting down to Christmas Day is fun for all and having an advent calendar with your branding sat on a client’s desk is guaranteed to deliver great results for your business. Be sure to order your advent calendars soon to avoid disappointment!

Want To Get Merry With Your Marketing

If you are looking to prepare your Christmas promotional campaigns and would like to know more about how promotional merchandising can help you get the most out of the festive season, then please get in touch to see how we can help. Call the team on 01623 636602 or drop us a message via Live Chat, or email.