The Sticky Pouch - an Ideal Promo Gift

Sticky Pouch

So what is it?

The Sticky Pouch is a great little promotional gift. It is a silicone phone wallet with adhesive tape at the back. It has a generous print area that's ideal for your company's logo or branding. It’s made from durable silicone and attaches to the back of your smartphone and removes easily. The adhesive backing sticks to both phones and cases and fits most flat backed phones.

Use the sticky Pouch so you don’t have to carry your entire wallet or purse. It holds up to two credit cards, ID, hotel cards or debit cards. It is also perfectly at home holding your ear buds, paper cash or even your spare change as well.

Don’t worry your phone will not demagnetize your cards!

  • The pouch sticks to your smart phone so its carried around all day
  • Smart phones are one of the most widely used products therefore your logo will be on view many times a day.
  • A cheap and useful promo item
  • Ideal as trade show or conference giveaway items.


The Sticky Pouch incorporates a large print area for your logo or message and its low price means it makes a great promotional giveaway.

Highly useful, cheap and very well received, the Sticky Pouch is a promo product that will get your brand into the minds of many potential and existing customers on a daily basis.

That can only be a good thing.