Stand Out this Summer!

Use branded merchandise and get your brand seen this summer!

If you’re looking to engage your audience this summer, then we have some sizzling products that will ensure your brand is a part of the fun and sun. Summer is the season for getting involved, so ensure your brand doesn’t miss out.

The summer is full of events; from a variety of festivals and sport, to socialising with friends and social activities with colleagues. There’s many business and branding opportunities to take advantage of.

Here’s our guide to how your brand can be a part of the summer...

Branded Picnic Blanket ideal for Summer Picnics

Picnics are a traditional summer activity that brings everyone together. While food and drink trends change, the delights of a picnic is something that will never go out of fashion. Whether it be a picnic in the park, or a sand-filled sandwich on the beach, it's the picnic blanket that will see your brand at the centre of the excitement. Don't forget to check out our picnic bags and baskets if you're looking to complete the full outdoor dining experience!

Cool Lunches!

Continuing with the food theme, cool bags are another great item for getting your brand seen and remembered. The smaller cool bags can provide a lightweight seasonal giveaway, or they can be gifted to employees to help encourage healthy eating and well-being initiatives within the workplace.


If you’re holding an outdoor event, then why not tackle seating and giveaways in one with these Camping Chairs, presenting one to each of your guests as they arrive! They're a gift that will also be kept and used for various occasions, such as festivals, camping holidays and other social gatherings, where you're required to 'take a chair!', all helping to generate further impressions for your brand.


Another great item for events and promotions is the Parasol. The Parasol is a popular and practical platform for advertising and is ideal for a variety of events; providing shade for your guests, or as slight shelter against the summer rain. Widely used by pubs, restaurants and hotels to capture the attention of a wider audience.

Sunglasses with Bottle opener making them a great summer essential! Sunglasses

From the fun and colourful, to the trendy and sporty, we have a whole host of sunglasses that will put your brand in the frame in this summer; these sunglasses with a bottle opener, are a definite festival and event winner, with two essentials in one!


Branded headwear is a great way of getting your brand seen, while helping to keep your audience cool and shielded from the sun! Have you seen our eco-friendly headwear? If not, check out the Bamboo Panel Cap! A sustainable, eco-friendly and ‘on trend’ material.

Sun Protection

Who doesn't love being in the sun? Everyone loves it, but at the same time, everyone needs protecting from it! If you have employees that are out and about, make sure you are on hand to protect them and reinforce a safe summer. Alternatively, if you are holding an outdoor event ensure you have your audience covered, with branded sun cream.

Branded Water Bottle Water bottles

Staying hydrated is important, and even more so in the summer! So, it’s no wonder water bottles are the one of the best giveaways for this time of year. It can be used and taken (almost) anywhere, while encouraging your audience to be a little more eco-friendlier.

Flip flops

The ultimate in summer footwear - you know its summer and you’re in for a good day when the flips flops are on! Ensure your brand is associated with the fun and relaxing good times. From sporting events, to festivals and camping, they are a handy item to wear or light enough to carry if travelling about.

Tarawa Tote Bag - Branded Summer MerchandiseBig Bag!

While you might not be able to fit in the parasol, everyone needs a large summer holiday bag, for almost everything else! Branded bags have and will always be one of the best forms of mobile advertising. With a wide range of colours and branding options, they're a great tool for increasing brand awareness.

How can we help you stand out this summer?

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