Reporta Pocket Book

A writer's notepad and treasured coffee is an iconic duo but now they're pairing up in a brand-new way. The Reporta Pocket notebook is made from recycled disposable coffee cup fibres.

80% of coffee shop goers visit at least once a week and 16% of people visit on a daily basis. These frequent trips to the coffee shop are a great way for the barista to remember your order but those disposable cups add up.1

Did you know? 

2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away annually and only 1 in 400 cups are recycled.2

That's a shocking number but makes a lot of sense when you think about the life cycle of a disposable coffee cup. By nature, take out cups don't stay in the coffee shop where there's convenient access to recycling bins. This means they're more likely to end up in general waste bins and taken to landfills. Even for those that do make the recycling bin, the recycling process is incredibly specialised. There are only 2 factories in the UK that can carry out the process.3 This is because of the difficulty in properly removing the polythene lining, which stops the hot water melting the cup, from the cardboard so they can be reused.

That's what is so impressive about the Reporta Pocket Book; it takes these traditionally wasted materials and uses them to make a stand out product. The cover, wrap and page marker are made from 50% reclaimed coffee cup fibres and the pages are 100% recycled paper.

It easily fits into pockets and handbags and offers a full colour print to maximise your brand awareness. It also makes a great ice-breaker for any recipient letting them know where their new favourite notebook comes from.

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