Recycled Umbrellas

Did you know that over 2 million plastic bottles are used daily in the UK? That’s over 600,000 tonnes of plastic each year! Next year it is estimated that 300 million tonnes of plastic will be produced worldwide.

Pro Brella FG RecycledThat's a lot of plastic!

We are recycling more than ever, though more than 90% of plastics are still not recycled in the UK. However one of the products that is benefiting from our recycling efforts is the humble umbrella. Eco friendly umbrellas are quickly gaining ground as a favourite among companies wanting to promote themselves.

Why use a branded umbrella?

  • Hey, this is Britain, when don’t you need an umbrella!
  • Umbrellas have one of the largest print areas of any promo product
  • Huge choice of makes and colours available
  • From regular umbrellas to large golf umbrellas
  • Recycled umbrellas help get your company noticed and showing your green credentials
  • Approx 5 x 500ml bottles are needed to create an umbrella canopy

Did you know?

Every piece of plastic ever made, still exists today in some form!

This is why recycling is so important; it takes so long for plastic to break down it makes much more sense to re-use the plastics we already have. So a great example of eco friendly promotions has to be the recycled umbrella.