Recycled Branded Merchandise Made From Plastic


Take advantage of recycled branded merchandise and stop wasting your money on single use plastics. Plastic is destroying our environment. A catastrophic amount of plastic bottles populate landfills and pollute our oceans. The UK alone, uses 13 billion plastic bottles every year, with only half being recycled. We urgently need to change our practices.

Did you know? The number of plastic bottles thrown away each year can circle the planet four times!

Thankfully, we know manufacturers who produce eco-friendly materials. We've made it our mission to support like minded suppliers, who source and deliver recycled branded merchandise, to achieve our sustainable development goals. Together we can move the industry forward and drive best practices. Love the world around you and purchase eco-friendly products recycled from plastic bottles.

Here’s how some of those plastic bottles are being used...

Made from recycled water bottles, the Litani Ballpen and Mechanical Pencil makes a great addition to your stationery pot. You can even add a logo or core message to increase brand awareness. This pen is available in a range of colours, while the pencil is available in a clear blue plastic. This clever technique reminds the buyer of it's original bottle format.

Our wonderful range of eco-friendly bags from Newchurch are not to be missed!  Get your hands on this award winning 'Shopper', an extremely popular item made from 70% recycled cotton or our Seabrook 5oz Cotton Tote Bag which doesn't cost the earth. It's made from cotton off-cuts with 30% polyester (rPET), a byproduct made from recycled plastic bottles. This makes it super environmentally friendly! Due to high demand, we now stock two more models; The Big Tote Shopper and Drawstring, for your super summer campaigns.

Due to it's nature, each bag is different and has a unique characteristic. It's a charm to capitalize on and use to your advantage. An eco-friendly marketing campaign, utilizing these bags, are ideal for large events and product launches. They will help you to promote all things eco, to a market that is becoming extremely conscious about which brands they want to associate with. They even provide a fantastic print area so you can go big and bold with your logo or sales message. Help your business stand out in more ways than one!

Recent stats show, over 50% of UK consumers will pay more for environmentally friendly products, leaving you room for higher margins without dissuading consumers to buy. With that in mind, keep a look out for more products as our range expands!

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