Quality Embroidery Makes All The Difference To Your Corporate Clothing

Different coloured threadDon’t lose the thread with poor quality embroidery – Your brand depends on it!

Quality Embroidery can make all the difference to your corporate clothing. No one wants to see embroidery starting to come loose on clothing or headwear, it just doesn’t look professional.

So let’s take a look at the process of getting your logo from a computer screen to a fully realised, embroidered garment.


This is a digital reproduction of your design or logo that enables the software to recreate it to the very highest standard. Don’t be fooled by cheaper options you very much get what you pay for in this area.


Stabilisers are the foundation that your embroidery will go on. Solid foundations are important –they ensure your logo has a great grip and makes sure that the embroidery is of the highest quality. There are a huge number of options available in this area, however a quality multi weave paper is normally used this ensures a solid base for the design to sit on, ensuring the all important solid foundation.

For very intricate, detailed designs on knitted fabrics a water soluble fabric called Solvy is used which is placed on top of your garment and then your logo is embroidered over the top of it.

Embroidery machines printing a logo Finishing

Giving your logo or design that extra bit of TLC. It’s come so far it’s only fair that it continues to be given the star treatment.  This stage involves putting link stitches and tie stitches in all the right places to ensure a clean, professional and high quality finish that truly represents your brand.