How can the promotional umbrella help your brand awareness?

Did you know?

It rains on average…

124 days a year in Nottingham

110 days a year in London

149 days a year in Cardiff

158 days a year in Belfast

126 days a year in Edinburgh

That’s a lot of days when the trusty umbrella needs to make an appearance!

Having one of the largest printing areas of any promo product, is it time to start thinking about using the promotional umbrella and the British weather to your advantage?

Every time a branded umbrella is opened, it’s a walking advertisement for all to see, creating countless unique views of your business and brand.

While the initial outlay maybe higher than your average promotional gift, they do offer an enviable ROI. Umbrellas last and will be a product that is used time and time again.

So, what kind of umbrellas are there?  

Pellacraft Branded Umbrella

Golf Umbrellas - Can be used for so much more than just on the golf course! Ideal for any event, hotel or office reception, advertise your brand while keeping your guests dry.

Walking  Umbrellas - Great business gifts that aren’t restricted to business hours. Few people have their umbrellas divided up into professional and personal, so a good quality branded umbrella will be a go to product, whenever it’s required, getting your brand seen.

Have you seen the Reversible Umbrella?
NEW to Pellacraft, it's unconventional design, helps to keep the user dry (and those close by!) from the wet panels, when folding down after use. The design also makes entering and exiting buildings and cars a little easier too...

Reversible Umbrella