Promotional tools for your sales team

Give your sales team a reason to get in touch...

We all know that selling is an important business process. Invariably selling is done face to face at pre-arranged or cold call meetings or via the phone as part of a telemarketing campaign.

But what happens if the customer is not quite ready to buy from you? How do you convince them to have the face to face meeting or buy from you on the telephone or online at some point in the future?

Maybe the potential customer has not heard of you before and therefore confidence needs to be established that your brand is credible and one that can be trusted. Maybe the lack of interest is because they are happy with their current supplier and not interested in changing, or simply the timing isn’t right, and they are not ready to buy.

In these scenarios, it is important for a sales team to have solutions that enable them to stay in touch without being seen as too pushy and forward.

Email marketing, social media and direct mail are usually seen as the most effective ways to keep a brand at the forefront of important decision makers, but these techniques, however creatively designed, are usually fairly static and can easily be overlooked or deleted from a busy inbox or ignored in overloaded post tray.

In fact, a direct mail letter might not even make it past gatekeepers such as the office PA or postroom.

Using promotional merchandise is a great way to make a direct mail campaign more memorable and effective.

Branded Merchandise for Direct Mail Campaigns

These ‘lumpy’ mailers, as we like to call them are far more likely to stand out from the crowd and ensure your sales and marketing messages reach the precise person for which they are intended. Plus, as they contain a gift it is far less likely that it will get thrown away.

Also, when coupled with eye catching packaging such as innovative boxes and colourful wrapping or padded envelopes the overall effects when landing on the desk of the recipient are even more stand out.

Can we help convey your company brand and improve the effectiveness of your sales process?

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