Prodir Soft Touch Pens

Promotional Prodir Pens

Let The Touch Do The Talking!

With 700 sensors that help the brain to sense when something feels good the fingertip is the most sensitive part of the human body. Why not put your sensors to the test with Prodir velvety-soft touch pen. Manufactured in Switzerland with an eye to sustainability, social responsibility and great attention to detail these pens are sure to please everyone. Soft touch pens are comfortable to hold for long periods of time, making your writing experience more enjoyable.

There are three feel good factors to the DS8 pen from Prodir:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Velvety-soft surface
  • Exclusive Floating Ball technology


This exclusive technology ensures that the DS8 soft touch pen delivers a fine writing feeling. The pen is available in black, red, blue and orange however Prodir can mix special colours at your request starting at 10,000 units. They can also print one colour to the barrel and the side of the cap in black white or silver to make this pen to the best fit of your branding.

The Prodir DS5

Just like the DS8 the DS5 soft touch has a fine black soft touch surface, however on the DS5 you have the opportunity to have your brand message or logo printed in two colours on the clip cover. You pick the colour that will best fit with your company branding.

The Prodir DS4

The DS4 is a minimalistic style pen, it is available in velvety-soft black, every inch the professional pen that will help to promote your company.

Soft touch pens are the perfect brand ambassadors because they are comfy ensuring a continuing reminder of your company. It has been proven that good communication is always a question of feeling and sensitivity and soft touch pens are sure to give only good feelings thus enhancing your relationship with clients.