Premium Corporate Gifts

How are you celebrating achievements?

We're big believers in people at Pellacraft. People are at the heart of businesses. Without them, nothing gets done. They provide the ideas, the hard work and the hours to make businesses  become as successful as they can be. That's why premium corporate gifts are so important, they acknowledge all the hard work that goes into running a business. They say "thank you!" for years of service and "well done!" for exceptional achievement.

Corporate gifts really help people feel appreciated for what they do and like their hard work matters, and is noticed by managers and board members. It can go a long way to build a positive working environment.

They're not just great for employees but can make perfect bespoke gifts to special clients. It's a special touch to show clients you remember, and value, them and the relationship you have built up.

How can you celebrate achievements?

We have a wide range of gifting options and a lot of experience so we're always happy to guide.


Traditional gifts like watches serve perfectly as commemorative gifts to celebrate someone's long service, or patronage, to your company. The wearer can use them daily so they have a constant reminder of your brand, or use as a dress watch so you'll be associated with special moments and events in their life. 

Gift Sets

A gift that would work well for Christmas for employees or a selection of customers is gifts like this keyring and pen set. They're both items that will get daily use, keeping you actively in your customers mind and feature enough branding space for a personalised message.

Photo of engraved silver keyring and silver pen set on black background


There's just something about a physical award, isn't there? It just so feels momentous to receive an award. This can either be for a specific employee or part of a larger awards show to make an event out of your employee achievements.

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