Practical Promo Gifts

Functional and practical promotional products that convey a message along with corporate branding give greater power to your promotions. No one wants a gift that they cannot use, so giving a practical branded product will ensure your company is remembered for the right reasons.

Pellacraft has a wide variety of practical promotional gifts to choose from. We supply promotional car products, health and fitness or items for the home. With such a huge array of business gifts, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Our products can be personalised to your requirements and make ideal business gifts ensuring that your company gives the best possible impression.

We have a huge range of items for every possible occasion. You will not be short of ideas as what to get your client for that perfect promo gift. Cement your relationship with your customers by choosing from our broad range of corporate gifts and ensure that your company retains maximum exposure.

Pellacraft have been supplying businesses with promotional marketing products for over 25 years, we have vast experience in all aspects of business gifts and promotions. Your company is safe in our hands.

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