Personalised branded water bottles with a twist!


Northern Gas Networks Logo

The Client 

Northern Gas Networks delivers gas to 2.7 million homes and businesses in the North East, Northern Cumbria and much of Yorkshire. With over 3,800 kilometres of old gas pipes to replace, their road engineers came under the Government’s key workers list during the 2020 Covid-19 epidemic.


personalised branded water bottles


The Challenge

In 2020, Northern Gas Networks required personalised branded water bottles with individual employees’ names. Identifiable bottles within the workplace was vital during the outbreak because everyone needed to reduce hand to hand contact and stop the virus from spreading. Certain areas of the business needed to limit the movement of people and prevent employees from accidentally entering. With 11 sites and over 1200 staff to protect, you can imagine the importance of this project.


personalised branded water bottles



The Solution

The time, resources and cost to print individual names can be high therefore  large corporate businesses need a simple solution to justify demand. We can print a simple “NAME: …………………” design on our 1 litre reusable branded water bottles. We deliver clear, U.K Made, BPA free bottles because they're simple in design, extremely economical and perfect for large scale businesses.

"Their drinks bottles were just what we needed. We love how easy it was to write colleague names on each one, making it really cost effective when delivering branded products to a large team”


warning door hangers

And more...

To manage the movement of visitors across their sites, Northern Gas Networks use bespoke branded door hangers because they are an effective way to warn people of immediate danger. The outstanding print quality complements its eye-catching design and is produced by our in-house art-workers.

Our fulfillment service supplies a high-quality, seamless experience from your first website click to final delivery. We arrange transportation of promotional products to multiple locations and always ensure safe delivery.

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