Create a first impression with our NEW Employee Starter Packs

Starting a new job is a daunting prospect for anybody, as well as an exciting one.  It is a chance to meet a new team with relationships likely very different to previous experiences.

There are new faces and names to learn, procedures to figure out, and the first few days for any new starter could feel quite isolating and overwhelming if the information isn’t well structured or delivered.


Love New EmployeesIt's The First 45 Days That Make Or Break!

HR industry studies suggest that while it is a great opportunity for both employer and employee, that first day can impact significantly on their long-term success with possibly up to 20% of employee turnover occurring in the first 45 days of starting a new job!

The average cost of replacing an employee is calculated at £3,000. So it is well worth setting the right foundations on a new starter’s first day and show them they made the right decision in coming work for your company.


Create A Great 1st Impression!

A well-constructed Employee Starter Pack for the role that a new starter is coming into, will immediately make them feel welcome.  Their arrival has been anticipated and thought about which will help put nerves at ease.

A New Starter Pack that considers their own personal well-being as well as supporting them in their role will set a great impression of the whole company and reinforce key values.

Paperless Office Pack Provide insight into your office culture by including products within your welcome pack that helps them to feel part of your team.  Creating the spirit of ‘team’ encourages everyone to pull together and provides common ground on which to build lasting relationships.  Employees with friends at work are 47 percent more likely to love their companies.

Go the extra mile and present a new starter with branded items that have their name included as part of the decoration.  This will quickly evoke personal loyalty to your business.  Including this detail on a pen or notebook will help to build enthusiasm for the new role, show that their ideas matter and are valued as part of the team.


Maximum Return For Your Investment

Journey to Work PackEvery company and job role within is unique, but the key aim for new starters across the board is to identify with their new position as soon as possible and feel confident in their ability to do their job well.  Building trust quickly is important for both an employee and employer. In doing so, it will lead to a fulfilled working relationship that is more likely to stand the test of time.

A New Employee Starter Pack can only go so far to show a new starter that this job is going to deliver everything they hope it will, but it’s a great place to start.  With packs tailored to suit every requirement and budget, it’s an investment that can pay dividends in the long run for both the success of the business and the personal achievement of the individual employee.


Take a look at some of our New Employee Starter Packs that can help your business provide successful inductions!

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