New control measures announced on plastic straws, stirrers and buds!

Bamboo Straws for your audience...

Recent reports show that the UK government plans to bring in new controls on plastic from April 2020*. With campaigns to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles and bags already underway, we see straws, drink stirrers and plastic cotton buds listed, in a further attempt to limit ocean pollution.

Branded straws and drinkware accessories feature in many bars, restaurants and takeaway outfits, as well as promo for a variety of events. While cocktails and mixers remain on trend in bars, as well as juices and smoothies from various outlets, you can see how a vast amount of stirrers and straws are used on a daily basis. New measures suggest a complete ban on drink stirrers, while the use of straws will be restricted; only available to those that may need, or request one.

If your business or brand still want to be visible, take a look at these Natural Bamboo Straws, available in our eco and environmentally friendly collection. Ideal for any bar, hotel or restaurant as merchandise, or if you're holding an event they'll provide a great little gift for your guests!

Natural Bamboo Straws** with a stainless steel-nylon cleaning brush, presented in a brush cotton pouch.

Reusable Promotional Bamboo Straws with brush

If you’re looking to get your brand in front of your audience in an eco-friendly way then get in touch to see how we can help.

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** Due to Bamboo being a natural material the thickness and surface can vary.