Never Underestimate Branded Paper Clips

Promotional Paper Clips

Printed Paperclips - Cheap Yet Highly Effective Advertising

Branded paperclips are a great way of making a striking first impression. They are extremely cost effective and when combined with your logo or message they are a great way of promoting your business. Whether used in your own business to add to your professional look or given away as promotional freebies, you will find that branded paper clips are an incredibly useful tool and a great addition to your advertising campaign.

Promotional paper clips come in a huge range of styles and materials, from recycled plastic to metal. They have great print areas which allow your logo or brand to really stand out – especially when you create your own shaped paperclip!

Here are a few key paper clip facts.

  • Paperclips have a generous print area for logo or business details
  • Eco friendly, recycled paperclips show you’re an environmentally friendly company
  • Available in many shapes, sizes and materials
  • Some paper clips cab be custom shaped to your own logo
  • They are a constant reminder of your business when sent to clients

If your company sends out printed sheets to customers, make sure you attach the pages with paperclips printed with your business logo or branding. Paper clips are often kept for long periods of time and will be seen on many occasions when documents are viewed or used. Forget harsh staples, branded paperclips are a much more pleasant and professional way of keeping documents safe and secure.

Branded Paper Clips Keep Your Business Front and Centre

Every organisation from large corporations to the smaller businesses often requires documents and other printed materials to be sent to clients. Whether you send to another company or to people’s homes, having that constant reminder of your business on the documents is a powerful way of promoting yourself and keeping you in the forefront of people’s minds.

So next time you are thinking of a cheap promotional item, make sure you look for branded paper clips! They really are a great way of promoting your business and keeping it in the minds of your current and future clients.

Branded Paper Clips for Business