How can your next Marketing Campaign grow from Environmentally friendly promotional merchandise?

This Saturday people are joining together for the WWF’S Earth Hour; an annual global event where people turn off their lights for one hour in a stand against climate change. This is the tenth anniversary of Earth Hour and shows how people are trying to make environmentally conscious decisions. This is extending towards people wanting environmentally friendly promotional merchandise too. According to a survey by “9 in 10 respondents do what they can to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle”. This puts more importance than ever on brands to keep up with the demand for sustainable goods. At Pellacraft, we place high importance on sustainable and ethical sourcing.  It's why we’re part of Sedex, a non-profit organisation for sharing responsible sourcing and we’re very proud of all of our suppliers.

So why are Environmentally Friendly Products so Important?

As we said, 9 in 10 people try to live environmentally friendly lifestyles; making environmentally conscious decisions with your promotional merchandise demonstrates to customers your shared values and visions for the future. Immediately, customers can see how you will fit into their green goals and aims.

The Advertising Specialities Institute found 42% of the people surveyed had a more favourable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product they received was environmentally friendly. With 58.6% of people also
saying promotional products are the best advertising medium for invoking loyalty, this is incredibly significant. Giving an environmentally friendly gift puts your company in the lead when competing for customer loyalty.

On a practical note, environmentally friendly gifts tend to be based around sustainability. Items such as reusable coffee cups and canvas tote bags are far more long lasting than single serve products. This offers a greater ROI as they will be used, and therefore promote your brand, for longer.

How can you use environmentally friendly products in your marketing campaign?

It’s easier than ever to choose environmentally friendly and recycled products. We even have a whole section of our website dedicated to it here. 88.1% of people polled had at least one promotional product on their desk, so it’s worth investing in promotional products; but how do you make sure it’s your product on the desk? By offering something useful and unique to you.

Over half of the people surveyed said when faced with the choice of what promotional item to take, they would choose the one most useful to them. Almost half agreed proAlbero Pen & Pencils Set - Sustainablemotional pens and mugs were the most useful. We offer a whole range of mugs and pens; from recyclable water bottles and cosy office mugs, to recycled executive style pens and biodegradable click
pens. But don’t think that choosing recycled materials will limit your choices to personalise these products to your brand! Our recycled water bottle for example can be printed in full colour and our pens offer a range of screen or pad printing.

Taking these steps by offering traditional products as environmentally friendly versions highlights your brands active approach and future orientated perspective; both highly endearing traits for perspective clients. As gifts for staff and office supplies, these are great to inspire team comradery knowing you are all working towards a positive, green goal.

So will you be choosing some Environmentally Friendly Products?

Environmentally friendly products help you balance green goals with promotional goals; inspiring loyalty and making sure your brand is always remembered in a positive, green, light. Sustainable promotional merchandise helps grow sustainable business relationships.

Our full eco range is here or you can contact us directly to talk further.