Why you should be planning your 2019 calendar order now!

Calendars from PellacraftYes, we know, talking about Christmas and planning for 2019 in August when you haven’t even had chance yet to enjoy the best of the Summer holidays is very much frowned upon. However, as marketers who are responsible for anticipating the needs of our customers, and stakeholders, now is exactly the time to start planning, to ensure your 2019 calendar represents what your company has to offer in the very best way.

The end result will lead to a cost-effective way of advertising your brand and getting your message seen throughout the year – often working out as less that 1p a day!

From the traditional wall calendar and planners, to desktop calendars, pen holders and sweet tins, now really is the time to think about placing your order.

If you’re thinking the planning is too much, then don’t worry, we’ve popped together a few hints and tips to help! Here’s a few aspects you may want to consider:

  • Product Choice - the earlier you plan, the more choice of products there will be! Some calendars will have longer leads, so don't miss out!
  • The message or slogan - Get together with your team and decide what it is you want to say! Inspire and motivate your audience.
  • Content - What do you want to include, and how will you present it?
    Consider what text, graphics, or imagery you might need and the style you want to achieve. You may need to seek permission or source royalty free images, so keep this in mind too!
  • Artwork - Early and advanced preparation avoids last minute rushes which could lead to typos's and mistakes being overlooked when proofing your artwork. Allow time to check and double chcek!
  • First to lead - Why not start early and send your calendars out from October or November 2018. This means you'll get ahead of your competitors, as well as giving your brand two or three months of extra exposure.


Can we tempt you with some of our bestsellers?

smart-calendar-economy-wallWall Calendars
For the more traditional approach, the wall calendar can be designed to a range of sizes and formats to display the calendar and your company logo to your unique design




CalendarPod Midi featuring Senator Duo Pen

Desk Calendars
These CalendarPod’s are a firm favourite as they feature useful additions such as post-it notes, colourful stick-it markers, and a Senator Duo Pen, which ensures they retain their usefulness, whilst promoting your company.




Calendar Tins
These can be filled with almost anything from chocolates, mints, or boiled sweets. The outer is printed in your brand colours and logo, showing a calendar and a call to action if need. Once the goodies have been eaten, it is very often retained on the desk throughout the years and serves as a receptacle for pens and other stationery.



Let's talk about your 2019 calendar needs! 

The above are just a few suggestions, we have many other products available, including diaries. If you would like to chat about your options for 2019 calendars or need advice on artwork, then please get in touch. You can call us on 01623 636602 or via LiveChat on our website.