Eco and Environmentally Friendly Drinkware

Eco and environmentally friendly drinkware options for your brand...

Single-use plastic bottles and take away cups have, and will, continue to be well documented until we all do our bit in reducing plastic waste; making eco and environmentally friendly drinkware a very topical subject. Here we take look at the benefits of reusable drinkware and how it can help your brand, as well as the environment.

We’re all guilty of picking up a bottle of water from the nearest shop, or diving into the nearest coffee house without thinking about waste, or often the cost. It’s important to stay hydrated, or we may feel the urge for a much-needed caffeine boost!

Providing your audience with branded drinkware, will not only help them to save money and reduce the use of single-use plastics and takeaway mugs, it will get your brand seen on a regular basis. Afterall, how many drinks do you enjoy throughout the day?

Water bottles cost little to refill, either at home or in the office. Many workplaces provide water coolers, encouraging employees to stay hydrated as part of their health and well-being initiatives.

If like us you attend many conferences and events, we’re finding more free water stations available to use at venues as event managers consider the plastic waste their event might generate. All reasons that make branded drinkware a great give-away!

Did you know?

2.5 billion single-use coffee cups are used and thrown away in the UK each year. Shockingly, that’s enough to stretch around the world approximately five and a half times!

Just 0.25% are recycled, with around 500,000 cups littered every day - all that waste, for a cup that is used for minutes. With stats like that, it’s no wonder the demand for reusable takeout style mugs has increased by over 200%.

Many coffee retailers in the UK now offer money saving incentives when presented with a reusable cup. If you were to provide your audience with a branded travel mug, you could help them save up to £65 a year, that's if they were to enjoy just one hot take away drink a day, based on a 25p saving.

Here's what the main retailers offer...

Thankfully there’s now a great range of eco and environmentally friendly drinkware available, with materials and processes being carefully considered. However, any step to reduce single-use plastics has to be a good one in making a difference!

If your business would like to benefit from branded drinkware; here's a selection of our eco and environmentally friendly favourites, and reusable best-sellers:

  1. The Shiva O2 Bio-based bottle is made from sugarcane, a renewable raw material that's 100% recyclable.
  2. This Natural Water Bottle is new for 2019, and we can see this being very popular indeed! It's contemporary design and green credentials makes it very appealing. Made from sugarcane it's teamed with a Bamboo lid, making it 100% biodegradable!
  3. H2O Active: Base® Sports Bottle 650ml is one of our best selling bottles, due to it's great branding area and choice of mix and match colours! Made in the UK, the bottle is made from recyclable PET material.
  4. Eco Bamboo Fibre Cup is made from naturally grown organic bamboo fibre. Available in 5 colours you can choose a silicone lid and grip to compliment your design.
  5. The double-walled, Brite-Americano® Thermal Mug can be fully printed for your brand and message, making it a colourful and cost-effective gift.
  6. Carrying branded drinkware has never been easier with this Foldable Silicone Cup. Its unique design will provide a trusted travelling companion for the recipient, ideal for that much needed caffeine fix!

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