Eco and Environmentally Friendly Notebooks and Pads

Eco and Environmentally Friendly Notebooks and Pads...

Eco and Environmentally Friendly Notebooks and Notepads

Notebooks and Notepads...What's the difference I can hear you say!


Notebooks are generally bound together, and as the name suggests in the style of a book, appearing more ‘formal', while notepads are generally held together with wire, or adhesives, providing more of a 'flexible feel', with the ability to remove pages more easily. However, these are just common terms and references, essentially you can call them what you like!

Whichever your preference, notebooks and pads are used to capture important details, create lists, note reminders, jot down the next big idea, as well as capturing various forms of creativity when it comes to our hobbies; such as writing stories, music and poetry to creating simple or detailed sketches and drawings. All notebooks are most certainly unique when it comes to content.

Although the use of computers, laptops and devices help to reduce paper waste, you can't beat the feeling of using and owning a notebook. It’s sometimes easier to capture what you need on paper rather than staring at a blank screen, plus you can’t have a doodle!

To help get the balance, here’s a guide to some great eco and environmentally friendly notebooks and notepads…

Broadstairs A5 Kraft Paper Notebook

Known as the 'Broadstairs' this eco-friendly notebook is made up of a Kraft paper cover, and FSC certified recycled paper. It has a generous print area to the front and you can choose from a green, red, blue or black elastic closure, pen loop and ribbon to compliment your logo or design.

Enviro-smart – Natural Cover, Wiro-bound pad

The Enviro-smart Natural Cover Wiro-bound Pad is one of our favourites and is available in three sizes, A6, A5 and A4. It contains 50 sheets of white recycled paper, with a recycled card front and back cover. The cover can be fully branded with your logo and design, helping your brand and message to stand out.

A5 Notebook with Bamboo Pen

This A5 Notebook is made from natural, recyclable cork and includes 160 pages. Cork continues to be on trend and provides a nice soft feel finish. To complete the look, the notebook features a black page divider and black elastic band. It also comes with a Bamboo Stylus Pen, adding to it's eco-credentials, and value!

Piedra Stonebook

Breaking the notebook / notepad rule, the Piedra notebook is ring bound and includes 70 sheets of lined stone paper, and recycled carton cover. The paper is made of natural stone. (calcium carbonate, limestone and HDPE plastic.)

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