Car Safety Gifts and Gadgets for your Employees

Keep Employees Safe With Car Safety Gifts

The best gifts for employees are often the ones that mean something to both the giver and the receiver. Whether you are a company director, HR manager or team leader, the safety of your employees is of paramount importance to you to keep things running smoothly within your business.

According to statistics produced by Totaljobs, the most popular mode of commuting is by car with 36% of the UK population using a car to get to work, and only 3% cycling.

Knowing your staff will be safe out on the road provides peace of mind for yourself and the business and presenting safety gifts will make your employees happy and show that you care about their well-being, especially as the winter months, and darker nights draw in, being on the road becomes more of a concern.

There are lots of different types of car safety gifts that we offer, and all of them can be customised with your branding to make the gift even more memorable for your employee.

Car Emergency Tools

Car emergency tools are one of our most popular car safety items. They are designed to be multifunctional and help drivers and passengers to escape from a car in the event of an accident.

If the worst should happen our 3 in 1 Car Emergency Tool can help to free a car’s occupants. Each tool has a hammer to break through glass, a seat belt cutter and a flashlight.

Tyre Gauges

Branded digital tyre gauges can help prevent staff from getting involved in unnecessary breakdowns and accidents. By checking their tyre tread depth before starting long journeys, your employees will be able to see if the tyres are safe and legal to drive on.

Pellacraft SKROSS Dual USB Car ChargerIn Car Chargers

In the event of a breakdown your employees need to be able to contact someone for help. Making sure that their phone is fully charged on their journey by using an in car charger will give your employees plenty of power to call around if they need to ask for help. We have various different styles of in car charger suitable for most types of smartphones, with connection types to plugin to USB ports or into cigarette lighters.

Mobile Phone Holders

Hands-free mobile phone holders are ideal for employees who may need to load up GPS maps to get from A to B on long journeys. They allow drivers to be able to see the screen without having to hold onto their mobile phone, so that they can see where they need to go without breaking the law.

Car Battery Sets

Our car battery sets are very popular as they combine a number of useful items, including a set of jump leads, a car charger and an adapter. Employees will be able to use the power bank car charger to juice up their car battery and get themselves back on the road again.

Alcohol Breath TesterBreathalysing Machines

A portable breathalyser is a handy safety gift that allows your employees to check that they are legal to drive. This can be handy if they have had a gentle drink before undertaking a journey. By checking they are below the legal limit, you will know that your employees are safe to drive and you will have peace of mind that they won’t be involved in any drink related accidents.

Car Safety Kits

If employee’s breakdown or are involved in an accident, then a car safety kit is the ideal solution to help them. Many of our kits contain several useful items such as warning triangles, hi viz vests, first aid kits and various other essentials to keep them safe and well.

Branded Car Safety SetWant To Know More About Care Safety Gifts?

If you are interested in finding out more about our range of car safety gifts for employees, then give our team a call today or speak to us via our live chat feature and we will be happy to assist you.