Your Favourite: The Calendarpod Midi

Is the Calendarpod Midi the new ultimate desk accessory?

The CalendarPod Midi is now one of our best sellers and it's easy to see
why. The CalendarPod Midi is an exciting alternate to standard desktop calendars. The British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted research showing the best gifts are those considered useful in everyday life. That, or edible gifts. The CalendarPod Midi certainly ticks the useful box, but we can't recommend taste testing it.

The Calendarpod MidiThe bespoke calendar sheets give you a new chance every month to highlight not just what your brand is, but who your brand is. There's space to really show your company off throughout the year, without an aggressive hard sell.

The duo pen and sticky notes give it more everyday use than a standard calendar. As well as being in view in the office year round, it'll also be in constant use as the recipient reaches for their pen or sticky note. It constantly reinforces your brand and sends a message of usefulness and reliability.

By keeping your brand in the forefront of the recipients mind it will increase your chances of them getting in touch, resulting in sales and ROI.