Branded Highlighter Pens

Branded Highlighter Pens for Business

Promote Your Company With The King Of Colours

The humble highlighter pen has been a loyal office counterpart for many years. They come in many different shapes and sizes and have always been a great promotional product. They are used by many companies the world over to get their logo, brand or message in front of their target audience. They are a solid promotional workhorse.

One of the top dogs has always been the Stabilo highlighter pen. These instantly recognisable highlighters have been a branded office favourite for many years and their unique shape lends itself well to including your logo or brand.

However Stabilo have recently released a revised shape to their long standing highlighter. This new design has a minimalistic tube design with a smooth finish. This makes the pen very comfortable and pleasant to hold and use, we like this a lot.

So what’s the advantages of having your logo on the new Stabilo highlighter pen?

  • Be noticed with the unique design and unusual tube look
  • Comfortable and pleasant grip
  • Two line widths
  • Water-based ink with anti-dry-out technology
  • Space for advertising on both sides of the highlighter
  • Neon fashion trend makes them suited to both office and home use


This new shape of highlighter will certainly make your logo stand out and be remembered. Plus the anti-dry-out technology gives you four hours protection from drying out which means you don’t have to worry about your highlighter constantly drying out and having to put the cap on after every use.

The striking colours and new shape of the pens make the highlighter stand out from many other items that sit on your client’s desk. Giving highlighters away as free promo gifts to your clients or at events is a sure fire way of ensuring your business gets noticed and associated with a great product.

These new shaped highlighter pens will be a talking point and their longevity will ensure they are kept and used regularly for a long while to come.