Branded desk lamps - Get them working for you!

Branded desk lamps to help get the job done!

Getting the most out of your working day and being productive often requires you to multitask, so ensure your branded desk accessories do the same! We’re excited to feature these new branded desk lamps in our product range.

The USB Charging Lamp and Speaker >

It has three light modes which are easily adjustable, allowing you to work in a comfortable light. The 2.5W speaker can be connected via Bluetooth, to your mobile device - it's often said that a little background music can help with productivity! Also includes a 5V/2.1A USB charging port that can charge mobile phones and tablets, freeing up your laptop!

Branded Desk Lamps - USB Charging Lamp and Speaker USB Charging Lamp and Speaker

Or if you prefer to work in a quieter environment then you can opt for the Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging > 

Super bright with 40pcs LED light and wireless charging pad in the base, it offers three lighting modes - natural, yellow and white, allowing the user to select their preference. The wireless charging pad can be used to charge mobile phones that support this function (1A). The lamp also offers a timer function.

Branded Desk Lamps - Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging

Looking for customer gifts?
These premium branded gifts will certainly make an impression - quite a few in fact! Securing valuable desk space it will be seen, and used regularly, capturing repeated attention to your brand.

Looking for employee gifts?
Ideal gifts for when your employees find themselves working from home - ensure they always feel part of the team!