Bike To School Day 2017

It's Bike To School Day!

Bike To School day first started in 2012 and has grown in popularity every year. Did you know, only 3% of children aged 11-15 cycle to school? Studies also show that most children don't get the recommended daily one hour of moderate physical activity.

Biking To School can be a difficult prospect for some parents with concerns for road safety which is why it's great for schools to get involved. There are many schemes to encourage and educate safe cycling for children. Most local areas offer cycle clubs as well so parents, and teachers, can lead by example.

We have a whole range of branded biking gear that encouraged pupils and staff to bike to work while showing off their school pride. It's a great morale booster, encourages healthy lifestyle choices and helps the school promote a safe environment.


One of the most exciting things about a child's first bike is the independence! Suddenly, they can go anywhere! It's not just about getting to school and bike but long rides on the weekend and racing across fields after school.

This does come with responsibility to look after their bike soon - to maintain tyres, dress appropriately and use appropriate safety gear. Promotional items like bike repair kits are a great introduction to this. Giving the tools they need to maintain their own bikes gives them a sense of ownership and pride.


One of the biggest reasons to bike regularly is to build healthy habits that can follow into adulthood. Biking is a great aerobic workout which triggers endorphin's - the body's feel good chemicals! It leads to a more positive, and focused, environment.

For bikers of any age, it's also a low impact workout compared to something like running, as the pressure isn't put on your joints. Although it's low impact in this sense, cycling also builds all the major muscles in the leg. Cycling builds: Your Gluteus, Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Hamstrings and Flexor muscles. That's not bad, especially for an activity so many children love. This muscle building also helps improve general strength, balance and stamina.


Sleep is so important for all of us - we often have multiple alarm clocks and all sorts of tricks to get ourselves out of bed in the morning. It's most important for children though who are still developing and need time to rest up. Stanford University research found insomnia sufferers who lived a sedentary lifestyle found 20-30 minutes of cycling every other day halved how long it took them to fall asleep. In total, their actual time sleeping increased by nearly an hour. For people who struggle to sleep, this is a huge deal.

You're Sick Less!

This may or may not be surprising but those who cycle to work are off sick less than those who don't cycle. This can be for a variety of reasons; people who regularly exercise will be in better physical shape but the endorphin rush also helps deal with stress. Stress is a big factor in workplace illness as long-term stress can have serious health implications.

So, are you inspired to start promoting biking at your school?

Try some promotional bike gear as your first step and see how it goes.