7 Top Tips When Choosing Promotional Merchandise

Choosing promotional products can be difficult so we have compiled a few tips that will hopefully help when choosing your promotional items.

1.       Cost

The cost of buying promotional merchandise is normally controlled by an advertising budget that has been set out. To stay within the budget either a higher number of lower cost products can be purchased or fewer products of a higher value. This depends on the type of audience you are trying to target, a wider target audience will mean a higher number of promotional gifts at a lower cost. A more concise audience will mean less promotional items. At Pellacraft we stock a varied selection of promotional products that will suit your advertising budget.Our Credit Cruch section splits the products down into price to help when picking promotional products. 

2.       Occasion

Different occasions can be suited to different promotional products. At trade shows and conference events promotional items such as bags, pens, and wallet folders ideal promotional gifts. These items are used immediately and start advertising your company straight away.  These promotional items are on going advertisements that are used after the trade show of conference.

3.       Colour

The colour of any promotional merchandise is important so it can be branded to your company logo or design. Promotional merchandise is more successful when it supports your company image.

4.       Design and style

The design and appearance of a promotional product reflects the appearance the company, it lets the recipient know what type of company they are dealing with. This again is all complying with a company image, is the company suited to a modern look or a traditional look. These will have to be reflected by your company promotional merchandise.

5.       Recipient

The target audience of the promotional products need to be considered when choosing a promotional item.  The promotional item needs to be something useful to your specific target audience. Would a promotional eco product be better suited to the recipient.                          

6.       Practicality and functionality 

The practicality and functionality of a promotional item is vital to getting the product used than sitting gathering dust. A promotional item that is practical and functional will be used a vast amount by the recipient will lead to a higher brand exposure of your company.

7.       Delivery method

Thinking about how the promotional item is going to be delivered to a recipient is important to consider when choosing a promotional product. At a conference or trade show delivery of the product isn’t important, if the product is to be mailed out as a free giveaway then there are postage costs to consider. A smaller item would then be better suited like a promotional pen branded with your company details.

If you’re still in any doubt about what promotional products would be best suited to your adverting needs then please feel free to contact us.

The Pellacraft Team.