5 Reasons To Choose An Ecoffee Cup

Each year, over 100 billion single-use coffee cups are sent to landfill. In modern society, with new innovations such as reusable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing, there is simply no reason for us to still be using so much disposable packaging.

Ecoffee cups are a responsible way to market your business, whilst showing off your eco mindfulness and helping do your bit to save the environment.

Below are just a handful of other reasons why you should try the revolutionary e-coffee cup.

They’re Made From Sustainable Bamboo

Ecoffee cups are made from one of the world’s most sustainable crops, Bamboo. There is no excuse for us to use so much single use plastic when such a widely used, greener alternative is available to us, and Ecoffee cups take full advantage of this.

They Can Be Used Again & Again

Made from sustainable, reusable material, each Ecoffee cup can be used time and time again, making for a much greener, more responsible way for yourself and others to enjoy hot branded beverages on the go.

They’re Light & Refreshing To Drink From

Ecoffee cups are lightweight, and healthier to drink from. BPA and phthalate free, they are naturally sterile and because no plastic is used, you don’t get the same after-taste.

They’re Personalised To Meet Your Marketing Needs

A great all round drinkware solution, Ecoffee cups can be personalised to meet the needs of your business. A custom message and your corporate brand identity can be applied to each cup, giving customers a great taste of what your business is all about!

There’s Over 60 Designs To Choose From

With over 60 different designs, in a vast array of colours and patterns you can choose an Ecoffee cup that matches the theme of your branding. Go bold with bright, vibrant pattern effects or choose a calmer, simpler design that aligns with the mood of your marketing. As always, whichever design you choose is entirely up to you!

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