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  • Pellacraft expands design team

    Pellacraft has expanded its graphic design team following the appointment of Kate Bradshaw and Michael Burton.

    Kate Bradshaw and Mike Burton Kate Bradshaw and Mike Burton

    In their new roles, Michael and Kate will both be responsible for designing and delivering inspiring creative artwork that will be incorporated into the marketing campaigns Pellacraft creates for its clients.

    Kate Bradshaw, holds a BA Hons degree in Design for Television after attending Nottingham Trent University. She started her working life as a TV propmaker at the BBC, but has spent the majority of her career in the greetings industry designing giftware. She joins the Pellacraft team after a stint working as a packaging designer for a leading fashion manufacturer.

    Outside the office, Kate enjoys camping with her young family and is excited to be renovating their newly acquired caravan. In keeping with her love of design, Kate’s most unusual claim to fame is she was involved with designing the car decoration kit used for Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding car.

    Commenting on her new role Kate said, “I am so pleased to be a part of this thriving family business, particularly as their core values reflected my own for innovation in design.”

    Michael Burton has also joined the design team. Michael, who lives in Chesterfield, holds a BTEC National Diploma in Multimedia studies after achieving a distinction from West Nottinghamshire College.  For the past five years Michael has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working with companies such as Red Lantern Digital Media, Cifci and the Triple S Sports Group. Prior to this, Michael worked as a sales operative in a call centre based in Chesterfield.

    When asked about his appointment, Michael added “Having initially joined on a freelance basis, I am very happy to have been offered a full time job after only a month. The company is fantastic to work for and I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into future design projects.”

    Sam Pella, Director at Pellacraft commented “We are very lucky to have acquired the skillsets of both Michael and Kate. Already they have proven to be an asset to the business and I’m looking forward to seeing how their creative abilities will enhance the quality of artwork we produce for our clients.”

  • Reporta Pocket Book

    A writer's notepad and treasured coffee is an iconic duo but now they're pairing up in a brand-new way. The Reporta Notebook is made from recycled disposable coffee cup fibres.

    80% of coffee shop goers visit at least once a week and 16% of people visit on a daily basis. These frequent trips to the coffee shop are a great way for the barista to remember your order but those disposable cups add up.1

    Did you know? 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away annually and only 1 in 400 cups are recycled.2

    That's a shocking number but makes a lot of sense when you think about the life cycle of a disposable coffee cup. By nature, take out cups don't stay in the coffee shop where there's convenient access to recycling bins. This means they're more likely to end up in general waste bins and taken to landfills. Even for those that do make the recycling bin, the recycling process is incredibly specialised. There are only 2 factories in the UK that can carry out the process.3 This is because of the difficulty in properly removing the polythene lining, which stops the hot water melting the cup, from the cardboard so they can be reused.

    That's what is so impressive about the Reporta Pocket Book; it takes these traditionally wasted materials and uses them to make a stand out product. The cover, wrap and page marker are made from 50% reclaimed coffee cup fibres and the pages are 100% recycled paper.

    It easily fits into pockets and handbags and offers a full colour print to maximise your brand awareness. It also makes a great ice-breaker for any recipient letting them know where their new favourite notebook comes from.

    Shop the Reporta Pocket Book here

  • Never Run Out Of Space Again With the Smart USB

    Mobile phones and tablets have become an essential part of both our work and personal lives. This also means we use them to store a lot of information and navigate through a lot of apps. This adds up and your device can only hold so many cat photos. That's what makes the Smart USB, with it's discreet sizing and large memory space so handy.

    Smart USB in Gold

    The Smart USB acts as a portable flash drive. With memory ranging from 4GB to 64 GB so you never have to worry about running out of space. Having a seperate flash drive means regardless of what happens to your device, if it gets lost or you chose to upgrade to a newer model, you'll have the most important information on hand.

    This is especially important for photogaphs, which act as our memories of precious events, which tend to automatically save to our device memory over cloud storage. It's also incredibly useful for confidential information which we'd like to keep secure.

    Shop it here

  • Bike To School Day 2017

    It's Bike To School Day!

    Bike To School day first started in 2012 and has grown in popularity every year. Did you know, only 3% of children aged 11-15 cycle to school? Studies also show that most children don't get the recommended daily one hour of moderate physical activity.

    Biking To School can be a difficult prospect for some parents with concerns for road safety which is why it's great for schools to get involved. There are many schemes to encourage and educate safe cycling for children. Most local areas offer cycle clubs as well so parents, and teachers, can lead by example.

    We have a whole range of branded biking gear that encouraged pupils and staff to bike to work while showing off their school pride. It's a great morale booster, encourages healthy lifestyle choices and helps the school promote a safe environment.


    One of the most exciting things about a child's first bike is the independence! Suddenly, they can go anywhere! It's not just about getting to school and bike but long rides on the weekend and racing across fields after school.

    This does come with responsibility to look after their bike soon - to maintain tyres, dress appropriately and use appropriate safety gear. Promotional items like bike repair kits are a great introduction to this. Giving the tools they need to maintain their own bikes gives them a sense of ownership and pride.

    Recycled Bike Spoke Reflector


    One of the biggest reasons to bike regularly is to build healthy habits that can follow into adulthood. Biking is a great aerobic workout which triggers endorphin's - the body's feel good chemicals! It leads to a more positive, and focused, environment.

    For bikers of any age, it's also a low impact workout compared to something like running, as the pressure isn't put on your joints. Although it's low impact in this sense, cycling also builds all the major muscles in the leg. Cycling builds: Your Gluteus, Quadriceps, Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Hamstrings and Flexor muscles. That's not bad, especially for an activity so many children love. This muscle building also helps improve general strength, balance and stamina.

    Norquay 17-function bike tool


    Sleep is so important for all of us - we often have multiple alarm clocks and all sorts of tricks to get ourselves out of bed in the morning. It's most important for children though who are still developing and need time to rest up. Stanford University research found insomnia sufferers who lived a sedentary lifestyle found 20-30 minutes of cycling every other day halved how long it took them to fall asleep. In total, their actual time sleeping increased by nearly an hour. For people who struggle to sleep, this is a huge deal.

    Spiro Bikewear Crosslite Gilet

    You're Sick Less!

    This may or may not be surprising but those who cycle to work are off sick less than those who don't cycle. This can be for a variety of reasons; people who regularly exercise will be in better physical shape but the endorphin rush also helps deal with stress. Stress is a big factor in workplace illness as long-term stress can have serious health implications.

    Bike Ride Kit

    So, are you inspired to start promoting biking at your school?

    Try some promotional bike gear as your first step and see how it goes.

  • Meet The Hook: The Newest Parcel Cutter

    The newest parcel cutter for safely opening packages and parcels without risking damaging the parcel contents or yourself.

    The Hook Parcel Cutter opening a large parcel The Hook Parcel Cutter

    It's happened to plenty of us; you have a whole room of boxes to open and your blade just isn't quite delicate enough. You either end up with a bloody thumb; or there's a caved in box and potentially smashed goods. In worst case scenarios, you've wound up with both.

    The Hook deals with both of these problems, the sharp tip means it slides into the package taping. The curved nature of the blade means it can 'hook' into the package taping and slice through, like a knife through butter.

    It has a sleek stainless steel hardened nonstick blade with a small keyring.

    Shop it here.

  • What is Sedex and Why Are We a Part of It?

    Pellacraft Values

    We believe that people come before profit. We show this in our personal service, with dedicated account managers, but we extend it to every aspect of our business as well. We're passionate about everyone we work with, both suppliers and clients. Part of this is our commitment to best practices, promoting workers rights and social justice.

    That's why we're proud members of Sedex! We thought it would be good to give you an idea of what Sedex does so you can see why we're so happy to be involved.

    What is Sedex?

    Sedex officially launched in 2004. It defines itself as "a global non-profit membership organisation making it simpler to do business that's good for everyone". Sedex is a collaborative platform allowing companies to share data on responsible sourcing of supply chains to more than 40,000 members in 150+ countries. Members can share data, standards and certifications to make informed choices.

    Sedex is 'owned' by members so the focus is on providing responsible sourcing data, tech solutions, products and services that members need.  The varied expertise helps bring members together with stakeholders to drive conversation between different industry standards and methodologies.

     “everything we do is designed to make it simpler for our members to do business that’s good for everyone.

    How does Sedex audit?

    Sedex doesn't conduct audits itself, it's simply a platform. It does offer SMETA, one of the most widely used social audit procedures in the world. This is offered open-source, so non-members can use it, to encourage industry wide standards. It provides globally recognised ways to assess responsible supply chain activities. This includes labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.

    SMETA doesn't offer a certification but a common framework businesses can use to set standards.

    What does this mean?

    SMETA is an ethical audit system so rather than auditing things like quality of garments, it looks at goals we should continuously be looking to improve such as workers health and environmental impact.

    Because of its open nature, Sedex means companies can hold each other accountable on standards and continuously strive to improve.

    So when you see someone is a member of Sedex you know they are taking steps to be the most positive impact they can be in their industry.

  • Product Spotlight: Three Amigos Gift Set

    Meet one of our favourite premium corporate gifts; the 'Three Amigos Giftset'! A beautifully personalised stationery gift set that adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise practical gift.

    It's currently on special offer until June so make sure you take advantage while you can!

    Three amigos gift set - perfect premium corporate gifts

    The Three amigos Gift Set comes with:

    A soft touch notebook, perfect for productive meetings and introspective moments.

    A matching pen and pencil, in a elegantly lined satin gift box

    A McQueen LED Key-Ring Torch so you always know where you're going



  • World Day for Safety and Health At Work 2017


    Team of workers and engineer in Factory at production training with laptop

    The International Labour Organisation (ILO) holds the annual World Day for Safety and Health on April 28th; an awareness campaign focusing on prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. Each year focuses on specific aspects of workplace safety in an attempt to combat them. Previous years have included 'Workplace Stress', 'Promoting Safety and Health in a Green Economy' and 'Decent Work: Safe Work: HIV/AIDS'. 2017 focuses on the need for countries to improve their capacity to collect and utilise reliable occupational safety and health (OSH) data.

    Here are stats on Workplace Safety provided by covering 2015/16:
    • 1.3 million working people suffering from a work-related illness
    • 144 workers killed at work
    • 72,703 other injuries reported under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences)
    • 621,000 injuries at work according to the labour force survey
    • 30.4 million working days lost due to work related illness and workplace injury
    • 14.1 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions


    World Day for Safety and Health coincides with The ILO’s International Worker’s Memorial Day. Officially recognised by the UK government, Workers Memorial Day is commemorated through the world.

    International Workers Memorial Day is a time for workers to come together and remember those who have been killed and injured at work. It also works to improve current working standards and lessen workplace accidents in the future.  The slogan is “remember the dead- fight for the living”.

    The TUC says “unions are asked to focus on both areas, by considering events or memorial to remember all those killed through work but at the same time ensuring that such tragedies are not repeated.”

    The 2017 theme is ‘Good Health and Safety for All Workers’ and will focus on inequalities in occupational health and the role unions play in narrowing the inequalities gap.

    Learn more about the events here

  • What Will A Spring Clean Do For Your Office Space?

    Why Is It Important To Spring Clean Your Office Space?

    Spring isn't just the time to start pulling off your Winter scarf; it's an opportunity to Spring Clean the office and refresh your employees.

    Studies show we spend 33% of our lives in the workplace so it's worth taking the time to build a welcoming environment.

    It's hard to be productive in a messy workplace. It's even harder to give the impression of an organised, dedicated brand to visiting, potential and existing, customers.

    Research by The University of Arizona and Durable UK shows 82% of people feel they work harder in a cleaner environment. It can be overwhelming to start; it seems easier to ignore the over-spilling filing cabinet and the mystery drawer. You know the one, the one you sort of throw things in when you don't know where else to put them.

    We’ve compiled a few tips of where to start.


    custom shaped paperclip - great to tidy the filing cabinet and spring clean your office space

    Despite increasingly technology focused offices, paper maintains a fixture in the office and so does stationery. Look at your stationery now and ask, is it reflecting your brand? Paperclips may seem small but when they're such an integral part of your daily routine they deserve attention.

    Move away from generic paperclips and try custom shaped paperclips; they're more personal to your brand, eye catching for your customers and something unique for your employees to use. It shows how much you value your brand, paying attention to the smaller details, and encourages employees to do the same.

    This can be extended to all sorts of goods, calculators, pencil cases and letter openers. They all encourage productivity by giving tools that not only make it easier to organise but are specifically made for them.

    Pens and Notebooks

    example of banner pen with full printed image - great to spring clean your office space and promote your brand

    Having dedicated company notebooks saves on scrap paper ending up here, there and everywhere and offer a consistent place to store ideas, meeting notes and inspirations. This makes it easier to keep a tidy desk and reflect on ideas at a later date.

    It's also helpful to keep a supply of bold printed pens on stock to give to customers as a thank you for visiting. It helps them remember your brand and the environment you offer.

    Uniform stationery also helps build a team environment, everyone can share supplies without worry of ownership and a shared aesthetic helps everyone work from the same page.

     Mobile Buddy

    People use their mobile phones frequently throughout the day, both work phones and personal, so it makes sense to at least organise how they're used. Branded products like trio cube phone buddies come with earbuds, for those who work better with music, a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep the phone free of smudges, and a stand for the phone to stop it clattering round in a desk drawer or knocking against a keyboard. It tidies up what can be seen as a workplace distraction and promotes the idea phones have their specific place.

     Computer Accessories

    DuraTough mouse pad by listawood

    Computers are at the heart of businesses; we do most of our work on them, including communication. Computer accessories offer a variety of benefits. Wrist supports look after your employees. USB type C adapters will become increasingly important, and things like branded mouse pads can add personality.

    Keeping your computer in order is just as important as filing physical paperwork. It cuts down on time clicking through obscurely named folders or trying to find that one file on your cluttered desktop. It's also better for clients, they don't want to wait while it takes you five minutes to find a file. You should be able to quickly pull it up and spend your time engaging with them.


    Picture of Kemsing A4 Tabletfolio which comes with tablet/phone holder and displayer, organiser section with pockets, pen loop, USB Holders and 20 page lined notebookFor when you have to take the office on the road! Tablet folders are a modern update on the portoflio. The tablet display section is fantastic for any video conference calls you may need to take out of the office; as well as storage for your USB cables, Memory Sticks, and smaller powerbanks.

    We have our whole office range to spring clean your office here or contact us here

  • Premium Corporate Gifts

    How are you celebrating achievements?

    We're big believers in people at Pellacraft. People are at the heart of businesses. Without them, nothing gets done. They provide the ideas, the hard work and the hours to make businesses  become as successful as they can be. That's why premium corporate gifts are so important, they acknowledge all the hard work that goes into running a business. They say "thank you!" for years of service and "well done!" for exceptional achievement.

    Corporate gifts really help people feel appreciated for what they do and like their hard work matters, and is noticed by managers and board members. It can go a long way to build a positive working environment.

    They're not just great for employees but can make perfect bespoke gifts to special clients. It's a special touch to show clients you remember, and value, them and the relationship you have built up.

    How can you celebrate achievements?

    We have a wide range of gifting options and a lot of experience so we're always happy to guide.


    Traditional gifts like watches serve perfectly as commemorative gifts to celebrate someone's long service, or patronage, to your company. The wearer can use them daily so they have a constant reminder of your brand, or use as a dress watch so you'll be associated with special moments and events in their life. 

    Gift Sets

    A gift that would work well for Christmas for employees or a selection of customers is gifts like this keyring and pen set. They're both items that will get daily use, keeping you actively in your customers mind and feature enough branding space for a personalised message.

    Photo of engraved silver keyring and silver pen set on black background


    There's just something about a physical award, isn't there? It just so feels momentous to receive an award. This can either be for a specific employee or part of a larger awards show to make an event out of your employee achievements.

    Get in touch today to leave your lasting impression.

  • Happy Easter Framework!

    We hope everyone had an equally brilliant Easter Weekend! We're officially raring to go after all those Easter Eggs and lay-in's, at least until the next bank holiday anyway.

    It was our third year in a row donating Easter Eggs to Framework and it’s something we really love to do.

    Director Sam Pella said: “Framework does a lot to support vulnerable people in our community; we hope gifts like Easter Eggs help remind those people they really are part of our community. It’s a small act but it means we can all celebrate together and we hope it will make people feel special, and remembered.”

    Framework works in many areas of the community, with homeless prevention, drugs and alcohol work, street outreach and much more. We’re happy to be able to give to the organisation that does so much in whatever way we can.

    If you would like to find out more about Framework and the work they do, please visit

  • Meet Our New Starter Packs

    They showed you who they were in the interview, now it’s your chance to show them who you are.

    First days are exciting, but, they’re also pretty scary; for the employee and the employer. There’s a lot to learn, not just about the job but company culture, names, and how everyone likes their coffee. It’s also a lot to teach. There’s a balance between overwhelming and leaving them feeling left out, unsure of where they fit in or what they should be doing.

    Everything Executive pack with Moleskine notebook, Contigo West Loop Travel Mug, Parker IM Rollerball Pen, Grey Bubble Bang 5000 Powerbank, and Moleskine messenger bag

    That’s why new employee gifts can make such a difference. They’re a simple act but immediately make an employee feel welcome and valued, like they’re worth taking that extra step for. Frankly, they should be or you wouldn’t have hired them. They’re great ice-breakers too and can help your employee get a feel for their new workplace, and mates. If you’re all coffee addicts, make sure there’s a big mug in there. If you go to the gym together, sports bottles and hoodies make them feel part of the team.

    We have a range of employee gifts to cover all sorts of offices and roles, perfect to personalise with your brand.

    For our full Starter Pack Range

  • Four Pellacraft team members achieve BPMA accreditations

    Pellacraft is delighted to announce that four members of our team have gained industry recognised qualifications.

    Back L-R: Rebecca Coles, Shantelle Hall, Abbi Walkman, Louise Henshaw

    In an effort to professionalise the industry, the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), has created a structured training programme that can be integrated into businesses and provide training tools that encourage continuous professional development for people working in the promotional merchandise sector.

    Whether students are from a supplier or distributor background, the programme has been created to suit every individual within a business of any size. With education and training firmly on everyone’s agenda for 2017, Pellacraft has taken advantage of the three BPMA courses. So far, four team members have passed the accreditation and we hope that more will be encouraged to follow suit in due course.

    Rebecca Coles (Marketing), Shantelle Hall and Louise Henshaw (Sales) have all completed the Trained in Professional Merchandise (TPM) qualification, which is aimed at individuals who have up to three years of industry experience.

    Abbi Walkman on the other hand has completed her Certified in Promotional Merchandise (CPM) qualification, which is aimed at individuals who have three to five years’ industry experience.

    As part of the course, all individuals have to earn credit points in each of the 14 subject categories, which includes topics such as customer service, decoration, HR/Legal, ethics, marketing and product compliance. After completing each subject category individuals must complete an exam consisting of timed multiple choice questions, in front of a webcam reviewed by an invigilator.

    Having now earned their qualifications, the accreditations has placed the girls in a much better position to further understand the needs of our customers and advise on what promotional merchandise will work in different situations.

    Pellacraft has been a member of the BPMA for over 25 years, so it is very important to us that we do everything in our power to continue the progress made by our staff and continuously deliver the exceptional level of customer service for which we have become renowned.

    Sam Pella, Director at Pellacraft commented, “I am delighted to see that the dedication and hard work has paid off for the girls resulting in them earning BPMA qualifications. The educational programmes are a fantastic way to learn the fundamental aspects of the promotional industry. Our business has grown significantly over the past 12 months, and this further proves that we are committed to continuously developing and providing our customers with the best possible service.”

    For more information on the BPMA accreditations you can visit their website

  • Celebrate #WalkToWorkDay With These Fitness Gifts

    It’s #WalkToWorkDay! This day encourages everyone to, well, walk to work! Taking the time to fit a morning walk into your routine lets you wake up, get some fresh air and arrive at work ready to go!

    Promotional gifts are there to emphasise your brand so you want them to send a positive message! These health based products help put your best foot forwards when choosing branded merchandise.

    Solar Pedometer

    Picture of a Solar Powered Pedometer - Perfect for Walk To Work Day

    Pedometers are a great tool to measure success. You can visibly see how far you’ve traveled, how many steps it took and how much you burned in the process. It sends a message about your company taking the extra steps to reach goals

    PVC Free Hiking Backpack
    PVC free hiking backpack

    With integrated rain cover this waterproof backpack is created for hiking in various conditions. It’s a multi-purpose bag with adjustable straps, a variety of pockets as well as a hole for your earphones so you can listen as you move. They make great corporate gifts because they're memorable and practical. They’re sure to be taken on plenty of adventures! This offers your brand the chance to be taken all over the world!

    Sports Earbuds 
    Sports Earbuds with changeable buds

    Most of us like some music when we’re out and about which is why these sports headphones are great! Specifically built to fit around the ear to maximize comfort and not fall out while you’re running, whether that’s a half marathon or a desperate dash for the bus!

    Earbuds are a part of most people’s everyday life so they keep your brand on someone’s mind (and in their ears).

    LED Running Armband

    photo of woman running at night using the safety running LED band

    Daylight Savings Time has come again which means we have more sunlight in the evenings (yay!) but it is darker in the mornings (boo!); these LED running lights help take the worry out of running in the dark with their high visibility.

    Being more visible when exercising or just walking to and from work is important for safety so these are a useful gift, no matter the time of year. Not only that but they make for interesting conversation pieces so keep working to light your brand up.

    Bike Repair Kit

    Bike Repair Kit

    Take Walk to Work Day one step further and encourage some cycling! Bikes are a great way to keep fit and can be more feasible than walking for longer commutes. They can even be faster than driving in some traffic heavy cities. They do have upkeep though, with the risk of flat tires or crooked wheels, which is why this bike maintenance kit is a great idea. It comes with everything you need for basic puncture repair and maintenance to keep you on the road for longer.

  • Product Spotlight: Incar Phone Holder

    On March 1st, the penalty for driving while using your mobile phone doubled. It now results in six points and a £200 fine. This is important news for people who drive a lot, particularly those who are reliant on driving for work.

    Newer drivers, if you've had your license for two years or less, will immediately lose their license as they can only have six points. Experienced drivers would lose their license if fined twice in three years as they can have twelve points. If police deem the driver negligent enough though they can be taken to court for £1,000 (£2,500 and face disqualification.

    Our InCar Phone Mount is on special offer right now so here are the benefits of using it:

    Infographic showing the benefits of using an Incar Phone Holder


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